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Your cheapest licenses, get Windows 10 for only 11.26 euros!

Right now we are going to see a series of licenses at a really low price, which will help you, both Windows as Office be absolutely legal and you get all the updates without the slightest problem. Keep in mind that many of the errors that the operating system or the office software may have, are resolved with one of these updates, so you cannot miss this great opportunity.

Windows 10 and Office at a great price

All the licenses that we are going to show you can be purchased at G2Deal, a totally trustworthy website that has extremely adjusted prices so that anyone can purchase its products.

Everything that is offered on this website is totally legal. In addition, we are going to leave you a 20% discount coupon so that the purchase is still cheap and you can celebrate Valentine’s Day, now that we have it so close, with more money in your pocket.

Really cheap Windows 10

Microsoft Office with a great price

Windows + Office packs saving money

Buy licenses at G2Deal

Buying at G2Deal should not cause you any kind of fear, since we have tested their service and we can assure you that it is totally reliable, safe and fast. We only need to register on their website using a valid email, since it is to that email that they will send the license or licenses that we have requested.

The prices that G2Deal has are so competitive, since they get the licenses of discarded OEM equipment. That is, devices that were officially licensed, but are no longer operational. Since 2012 they have been considered physical products, so they can be marketed with total freedom, being, since then, absolutely legal the sale of these types of licenses.

Windows 10 computer

When buying on this website we will not have the slightest problem, since it behaves like any other. That is, we log in, choose the product that interests us, add it to the basket and when we have everything we need, we proceed to the payment. Once it has been verified by the web systems, we will receive in our email the license or licenses that we have acquired.

Also, we have another advantage when buying from G2Deal, as we can use PayPal as a payment method, something that gives us a lot of security because with this system it is not necessary to give, at any time, the number of our credit or debit card.

Normally the license is received within a few minutes after purchasing it, so that, from that moment, we can enjoy fully legalized software. So you can not miss the opportunity and take advantage of these great prices.