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will rise up to 18% of its value

The hardware shortage problem affects all components equally, albeit to different degrees. As for the RAM, although there is no lack of stock, it will lead to an increase in its price. But, there are more factors in this whole equation that will make buying us a new PC or updating this to be somewhat more expensive.

DDR4 RAM will suffer a price increase

TrendForce, who are dedicated to the analysis of the market, have made the prediction that DDR4 RAM memory could suffer an increase in its sale price between 13% and 18% in the coming months. Said price increase will be caused by the fact that the supply will be lower than the demand, which translates into a shortage of this component.

The chip shortage we find ourselves in affects not only logic processors such as CPUs, SoCs and GPUs but also the external memory that these processors require to function. This situation is occurring in all segments of the semiconductor market, from servers to smartphones. In all of them, the demand is much greater than the available stock, although for contractual reasons the server market will be the first to be supplied.

We cannot forget that the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the workforce of various industries, including semiconductors. To all this we must add problems such as earthquakes, droughts and winter storms that have affected the different foundries that manufacture wafers for both processors and RAM.

How does this affect gaming PCs?


The most popular RAM memory modules in terms of sales, 8GB DDR4, is expected to increase in price by 15% during the second quarter of 2021. The reason for the increase is not only due to increased shortages, but also Although production has been reduced, the costs associated with it have not. This means that the economic burden is added to the chips that have already been manufactured, increasing their price.

Conventional RAM is not the only one that is affected by this price increase, also the VRAM used in graphics cards could see a price increase. This will affect the price of the launch of future GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA for 2021, whose price increase can be seen masked in the face of mining. Nor can we forget that the new generation consoles make use of GDDR6 memory both as main RAM and VRAM as they are UMA systems.

However, these issues do not appear to affect the different NAND Flash memory chips, although the shortage should affect all NVMe SSDs that make use of DDR4 DRAM memory as disk cache, so they could suffer a price increase. too.