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will be the standard on Alder Lake-S platforms

In an anonymous leak to VideoCardZ, they were sent a ‘slip’ describing the adoption of the ATX12VO power connector for the motherboard and power supplies; Although there is still no official information about it from Intel, this leak shows a Photography that it does not look like being retouched and that, everything is said, coincides with the intentions that Intel has already shown in the past with respect to the new standard.

Intel will adopt ATX12VO even if manufacturers don’t want to

The ATX12VO standard is officially known as “Single Rail Power Supply Desktop Platform Form Factor”, or desktop platform with single rail power supply (obviously referring to 12V which is the only one you use). The benefit of using this type of power delivery is that it is much more efficient than with the classic 24-pin connectoras tests have shown that the power can be reduced by half while idle, although it is true that the efficiency gains are not as significant as the load increases to 100%.

The requirement for this is that motherboard manufacturers will need to modify the motherboard power connector to use the new 10-pin connector (described in the schematic above), as will power supply manufacturers, who will need to add it ( probably as an add-on so as not to discard the 24-pin just yet). This means that any voltage above or below 12V will have to be transformed by motherboard and not by the power supply.

In general, the adoption of the ATX12VO connector will result in a much more complex design of the motherboard, which will increase its cost and therefore also its selling price. In theory, the design of the power supplies will be simplified, but only in the event that they launch supplies with only this 12V rail on the market, since if they intend to add it but maintaining the design of now (to maintain compatibility with current systems) the thing will also get much more complicated, also increasing its price.


The source of this leak has been working to confirm this information with its own sources and has been able to discover that Intel is actively pursuing the adoption of this 10-pin connector on motherboards for its next generation of processors, Alder Lake-S. However, it appears that Intel is facing a lot of resistance (or rather reluctance) from both motherboard and power supply manufacturers, who do not want to change their designs to adopt the new standard for now.

The widespread implementation of the ATX12VO connector makes the motherboard design much more complex and adds more steps in its manufacturing process. The leaked note shows that 4-5 months will be the time it takes before the motherboards and power supplies are ready for sale, which lines up for September this year which is just when the expected Alder Lake-S launch.

This ATX12VO power connector may not be seen on many high-end motherboards, but it may start to find its way into entry-end motherboards used in pre-engineered systems for better power efficiency. The connector has some excellent advantages, but certainly also many disadvantages (starting with the price) and it will take time to be fully adopted.