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Valve SteamPal, console with AMD APU and RDNA 2 GPU –

One of the advantages of consoles over PC is the portable console form factor, which allows us to easily play high-caliber games anywhere. Being the Nintendo Switch console the only exponent in consoles. Well, if the rumors that come related to Valve end up being fulfilled, it is possible that we can enjoy PC games from anywhere.

New Valve hardware?

The latest rumors speak that Valve could launch a portable console called Valve SteamPal or also known by the code name Neptune. This has been learned by doing data mining in the files of recent Steam updates where references to a new type of controller have been seen.

How do we know what a console is? Due to the fact that it seems to have an associated list of games and there is no controller with games, so it must be hardware with the ability to reproduce software. The possibilities being considered? Mainly two, on the one hand it would be a portable console in the style of Nintendo Switch and therefore it could also be connected to a monitor and used as a desktop console. The other possibility? There is talk of a Valve response to the Oculus Quest and therefore we would be talking about an HMD unit, a virtual reality helmet, totally autonomous and that will work without the need for a PC, which would lead you to have your own collection of games.

The one that seems to have all the numbers is the first, so it would be a portable console in the style of Nintendo Switch. If we pay attention to the information coming from Arstechnica, from where they affirm that it is still a prototype in development. Which does not mean that an HMD unit can be created with this type of hardware.

What would be the specifications of SteamPal?

At the moment we do not know them, since according to Arstechnica Valve it would not have even chosen the screen size, nor the resolution, nor what type of controllers it will integrate into SteamPal. So we are facing a Work in Progress that has been leaked ahead of time.

A Reddit user has given information about this portable Valve console, which we must take with a grain of salt. In this information he talks about an AMD SoC and a starting price of € 399, apart from a screen between 7 and inches. As for the AMD SoC tAll points to it could be AMD Van Gogh, which is based in a combination of Zen 2 and RDNA 2 and LPDDR5 memory.

Precisely AMD is conducting a review of RDNA 2 which we know will be key to a series of products that will have said GPU as integrated and will be released later this year or early 2022, these products include:

  • AMD Rembrandt SoCs for PC
  • The AMD Van Gogh SoC, which has all the numbers to be the SteamPal
  • Next-generation Samsung Exynos.

We will see how this umpteenth attempt by Valve to have its own platform and what its strategy will be for the market. What is clear is that it will be much more powerful than Nintendo Switch and Gabe Newell’s company if it does it well it can give a blow to the market, since it will allow us to play great PC games anywhere .