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The NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti is a camouflaged RTX 3090

The same chip can be used for different ranges according to its results in tests fresh from the factory, in a market where a manufactured chip reaches higher performance quotas, it is a value that can be capitalized. Sometimes it happens that a chip that they had underestimated becomes a candidate to be relabelled as a higher-end model.

RTX 3080 Ti sold as RTX 3090?

A user who has recently bought an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 has found a surprise when lifting the heatsink that came with his graphics card, the labeling that marks which GPU model is being used was originally another, GA-102-250-KD -A1, which was changed to GA-102-300-A1, which is the one for the GeForce RTX 3090.

How is that possible? Well, for starters we have to keep in mind that the RTX 3080, RTX 3090 and the future RTX 3080 Ti all make use of the same GPU, the GA102 chip. In any case, rumors suggest that the RTX 3080 Ti like the RTX 3090 uses the full memory bus of the GA102, 384 bits GDDR6X, unlike the RTX 3080 which is 320 bits, but with a configuration of 12 GB.

The other difference between the RTX 3080 Ti and the RTX 3090 would be the clock speed that the GPU can achieve, both in base speed and in Boost. Where in the RTX 3080 Ti it would be somewhat lower, but not much more, if we stick to the information from “insiders” already reputed as kopite7kimi.

Are the RTX 3080 Ti already in production or is it a bug?

RTX sizes 3090 3080 3070

Taking into account that the GA-102-250-KD-A1 chip would have the same bus and the same number of active SMs, then what separates the fact that a chip is labeled as a potential RTX 3080 Ti or RTX 3090, is the clock speed that the GPU can achieve in the tests. It is possible that all this was a mistake during the manufacture of the chip at Samsung. That a chip or batch of chips that had been labeled for the RTX 3090 were initially labeled for an RTX 3080 Ti.

It is possible that these chips have undergone a second and even a third performance test that has certified them for an RTX 3090 and hence the rebranding. In any case, this indicates that as is obvious and with a little more than a month to go before the launch, the GPUs that will go to the graphics cards with the reference and custom model of the RTX 3080 Ti are already being manufactured. Which will have a reference design like the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, but most likely it will not be the same size as the RTX 3090 but a little smaller.

NVIDIA cares about rebranding

NVIDIA 860p logo

What’s more, given that the RTX 3090 will continue to be the most powerful, NVIDIA has to make sure to give value to its top of the range and despite the fact that the RTX 3080 Ti is based almost on the same chip, it has to limit it in some way. . For example, giving less power to the card, using GDDR6X memory with less bandwidth and with a lower capacity.

The fact of being able to convert a potential GPU for an RTX 3080 Ti into one for an RTX 3090 means being able to sell a more expensive GPU and therefore with greater profits. Not only because at the moment the RTX 3090 is a sweet candy for the Ethereum mining farms, but because of the fact that its sale price is higher than that of a potential RTX 3080 Ti.