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The NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti is back, what’s happening?

NVIDIA and AMD are overflowing, there is no stock available and the units that arrive in stores do so with droppers, they sell in seconds and end up frustrating more and more users. AMD has already commented that mining sales are legitimate and hinted that they could do nothing about the rampant stock problem. NVIDIA seems to be preparing an arsenal of measures and the first of them is as crazy as it is insane by launching the GTX 1050 Ti again.

Pascal is resurrected as Lazarus by the hand of the GTX 1050 Ti, why?

The NVIDIA movement is really particular, but to understand it we will have to understand where the most critical points of the problem are. The high price of Ampere GPUs has increased even more due to the growth of the prices of raw materials and rare minerals, very present in the graphics cards of the RTX 3000 series.

For this reason, both miners and users set their sights on the mid-range, which after suffering the same problems as the high-end, ended up looking at the entry range, running out of stock in all stores around the globe.

The shipments of low-end GPUs lead the world rankings in lists such as those of Steam and in particular, NVIDIA graphics cards dominate with an iron fist in the TOP 20. Therefore, NVIDIA calls up its already retired fighters, knowing that the situation will not improve anytime soon and that you can solve the problem in a critical sector with a reliable and above all cheap product.

It will not be a GPU for miners due to the limitations of VRAM


NVIDIA’s move is a blow to miners, mainly because the current DAG file for coins like Ethereum need more than 4GB of VRAM in order to function properly. This allows the GTX 1050 Ti to go clean and focused on budget gamers and OEM equipment from manufacturers.

As for the rest of graphics cards, the situation seems more critical than ever, since the measures taken will be few, they arrive late and the situation of materials, shipments and TSMC / Samsung is not ideal in terms of production. chip. Rumors already put a time GAP for everything to normalize: end of this year, which if true would mean that in a year and a half NVIDIA and AMD have not been able to solve this problem.

This would be the biggest piece of evidence about the mining problem and how the gaming industry is affected, as well as the hardware industry in general due to collateral damage. We’ll see if NVIDIA’s punch line with this GTX 1050 Ti pays off and at least the low-end GPUs alleviate its needs.