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The next Nintendo Switch console will carry an NVIDIA Ada Lovelace SoC

Kopite7kimi, a leaker who has a reputation for correctly predicting NVIDIA Ampere specifications prior to launch, has now suggested that the upcoming Nintendo Switch console (whose name is not yet known but is nicknamed Switch Pro o Switch 2021) will feature NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace architecture. Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician often cited as the first computer programmer, and it is the name that NVIDIA has apparently chosen for its next desktop gaming GPU architecture, although it will apparently also be used for next-generation console chips.

Nintendo Switch Pro with NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU, what does this imply?

The rumors, and we always talk about rumors when it comes to Nintendo because there is currently no company more hermetic than them, they say that the next new generation console will have NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, which improves the resolution by helping AI and is currently the most innovative gaming technology for modern graphics. Combined with real-time ray tracing, games now look better than ever and can be played at high frame rates per second, improving performance. While Nintendo is not expected to present ray tracing, you could definitely make use of DLSS on your consoles.

NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace architecture will be the direct successor to the current Ampere. NVIDIA is also already working on Hopper, a multi-chip module design (MCM) computational architecture, but Lovelace is expected to be specifically designed for gaming, possibly bringing more updates to the GPU-integrated RT cores and Tensor Cores for Ray. Tracing.

Characteristics Lovelace

The current version of Nintendo uses a Tegra X1 T214 SoC codenamed “Mariko”. This is a newer version of the processor based on TSMC’s 16nm manufacturing node; Since the launch of Mariko, NVIDIA has released three upgrades or successors to the chip: Pascal-based Tegra X2, Volta-based Xavier, and Ampere-based Orin. The codename of the next-generation Tegra successor with Lovelace graphics architecture is currently unknown.

NVIDIA tends to talk about its new Tegra chips at its Graphics Technology Conference, with the next one kicking off on April 12 with the usual keynote speech from its CEO, Jensen Huang. Unlike AMD and Intel, NVIDIA hasn’t unveiled its GPU roadmap in three years now, so we’re really “blind” about what this year’s conference may bring us, but obviously expected. Give technical details about Lovelace.

The rest of the rumors about this Nintendo Switch Pro or Switch 2021 also indicate that it would have a 7-inch screen with 1280 × 720 resolution and OLED matrix. DLSS mode will enable 4K output using the console dock and at the same time improve gaming performance in handheld console mode. For the rest, everything that is known about the next Nintendo console is unknown, and as you know the name is not yet known but it is expected to arrive at the end of this year 2021 at a price slightly higher than that of the Switch. current, around $ 399.