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The best tables to use the laptop from the bed or the sofa

We understand a laptop table as one that allows you to place a laptop on top of it so that you can work on it on a solid surface, without having to place it on your legs.

Why buy a laptop table?

Many of you will say that you can always put the laptop on your legs and that’s it, but this generates many disadvantages that we are going to explain below.

To begin with, placing the laptop on top of your legs makes you have an unnatural posture, straining both your neck and arms and in all probability causing you to end up with back pain, so ergonomically a table is always going to provide you a huge advantage. .

On the other hand, having the laptop on your legs is not on a solid and stable surface, so accidents could happen, and you can’t have other things on the table like a mouse without going further. If this seems little to you, think that the laptop will be giving you heat in the legs, something that can be appreciated in winter but that surely does not make you very funny in summer. In addition to this, you will be blocking the air inlets / outlets of the device, causing it to heat up more than necessary and reducing its useful life.

In short, using the laptop on the sofa or on the bed on your legs may be fine for a while, but not if you intend to do it several hours a day every day, and that is where you undoubtedly need to buy a table for your laptop.

What characteristics should laptop tables have?

The answer to this question is that it depends on what you need, or rather what you want to have. One thing that we personally consider essential is that if the objective is to be able to use the laptop on the sofa or bed, the table must be foldable so that later it does not get in the way and we can easily store it when we are not using it. Now, the fact that it is foldable does not mean that it is not robust, and the second characteristic that we consider essential is that it is robust and holds the weight well.

Table portable

It is not essential (because it depends on the use) but it is desirable that the table allows to modify the inclination and, if possible, the height. If it has an inclination, it is imperative that it has a “stop” in the lower area to prevent the laptop from sliding, so that it always remains stable in the same position without problem.

The best laptop tables you can buy

Next we are going to list those that in our opinion are the best laptop tables you can buy, but as we have mentioned before and since there are many types and of different sizes, each one will be better than the others for certain tasks, which of course we are also going to explain.

Mnkyer folding table, the most versatile

Mnkyer folding table

This laptop table is divided into two as you can see, with the left section adjustable in terms of inclination and with the essential stop so that the laptop does not slide down. It has four different tilt configurations and leaves space on the right to put the mouse, with the addition that it has a sunken cup holder to put a glass or mug and not spill or fall.

The table is foldable for convenient storage when not in use and has plastic supports on the “legs” to avoid damaging the sofa or bed.

Himimi laptop tables, quality made of wood

Himimi laptop tables

This elegant table is ideal for lovers of wood (specifically it is made of bamboo). It has an adjustable design like the previous one and it is also foldable, with the addition that it has perforations in the area where we support the laptop to let it “breathe” and not have temperature problems.

Nulaxy, the most robust laptop tables


This, more than a table for laptops, is a multifunction table because in addition to being foldable, it incorporates a drawer to store things, support to put a tablet or smartphone, and also supports up to 50 Kg of weight so it is also ideal, for For example, so young children can comfortably do their homework.

Do you still want to use your legs? Huanuo has your perfect table


If you are one of those who wants to continue using the laptop on your legs, this “table” will be ideal for you because it incorporates a comfortable cushion in the lower area and a flat wooden top with a stop so that the laptop does not slide. Mind you, it’s not too big and a 15.6-inch laptop will stick out slightly from the sides.

For large laptops, the Weyo table


If you need a lot of space, this table has dimensions of 60 x 40 centimeters and is valid for 17.3-inch laptops and even more. It is foldable but not reclining, and in the back it has a slot to comfortably put a tablet. As an addition, instead of plastic, this table has rubber on the legs to avoid damaging the surfaces on which we support it.