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The best laptop cooler base on the market

Given the small size of notebooks, it is quite common that their cooling system is insufficient. This results in thermal throttling, a protection system by which the processor reduces its performance in order to preserve an operating temperature that is not detrimental to its integrity. In addition to this, the higher the temperature, the more noise the laptop’s fans will make, which can completely spoil the user experience, and more if it was being used for gaming.

Why do you need a cooling base?

Laptops (and more those designed for games) are equipped with powerful enough hardware to be able to deliver a great performance, and although we do not like this, it almost always translates into a higher generation of heat that, as we have already mentioned, the cooling systems that notebooks bring are generally not capable of dissipating adequately, and this is a fact especially true in summer when the heat is tighter.

Compared to the hardware of a desktop PC, this forces the hardware of a laptop to constantly operate at high temperatures, reducing its longevity and many times its performance, in addition to making the user experience not the best for their fans rattling with airplane turbines.

Having a good cooling base helps significantly reduce the temperature of operation of a laptop since it forces the introduction or extraction of air through its vents, promoting a better air flow that, in addition, is produced with much larger and quieter fans than those carried by the laptop.

In short, a cooler base can help improve notebook performance by avoiding the thermal throttling, it will increase its service life by making it work at a better temperature, and will reduce noise of the set (although it seems the opposite since we are adding more fans) since the fans integrated in the notebook will not have to work so quickly.

Does this seem small to you? Well, a refrigerator base can also help you improve ergonomics since most have hinges to raise the position of the laptop and thus have a better posture, and in addition to that many of them improve connectivity since in many cases they even include USB port hubs.

What characteristics to look for in a refrigerator base?

In general, there are two fundamental characteristics that you should look at when buying a new cooling base for your laptop: the first of them is the position of the fan or fans, since in some cooling bases only a large fan is included. size but in many others there are up to nine fans that you can find. In order for the thermal performance of your equipment to improve, you must make sure that the fan position Match the cooling vents on the laptop.

The second thing that you must take into account is the speed of rotation of the fans, because the smaller they are, the more noise they will make. Fewer fans are preferable but larger, but in any case it is best to have at least manual speed adjustment so that you can choose the best balance between performance and noise.

Finally, we would recommend acquiring a cooling base that has a height adjustment, with stops down so that the laptop does not “slip”, and if it has additional USB ports it is always a plus to take into account since the connectivity of many laptops sometimes conspicuous by its absence.

The best refrigeration bases on the market

Next we are going to tell you, taking into account what has been said in the previous sections, which are the best laptop cooling bases that you can buy, always from our point of view of course.

KLIM Mistral, the most powerful and best performing

KLIM Mistral

That this cooling base has two blower type fans that rotate at 4,500 RPM of maximum speed already makes it one of the most powerful on the market, but the secret of its great performance is not that, but the fact that they do it generating everything a large-area airflow that will cover the entire bottom of the notebook. The air enters through the rear and is distributed over the entire surface through the two air vents that you can see in the image.

In addition to that, the device has RGB lighting throughout its perimeter, height adjustment and of course three configurable speeds through the lower button panel to be able to select the operating speed we want.

KLIM Airflow, performance and silence

KLIM Airflow

This cooling base uses a similar principle to the previous one, although certainly to a lesser extent and therefore its performance is lower. In return, it only has a blower type fan that rotates at 2500 RPM and that is much quieter, delivering a very good performance but a low noise level.

Like the previous one, it also has height adjustment (with two extendable legs) but it lacks lighting; for its part, instead of selecting several preset speeds, it has an analog wheel to be able to modify the fan rotation speed by hand.

Trust Gaming GXT 278, for your gaming laptop

Trust Gaming GXT 278

This Trust cooler base has a gaming aesthetic that will suit almost any computer. It has four very quiet 120 mm fans with red, blue or green lighting that of course is configurable through the analog wheels located at the rear. It also has height adjustment so you can be more comfortable when playing with your gaming laptop.

NGS GCX-400, the cheapest cooling base


This refrigerator base is one of the cheapest you can find, always maintaining a minimum of quality. It consists of five fans, one of them large and the other four smaller, it has a hinge to modify its height and of course the rotation speed is configurable (in fact it has a small LCD display that shows the selected profile). It has blue LED lighting, but is also available in other colors.

Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus, elegant and silent

Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus

If you don’t want frills but still need to improve the cooling of your laptop, this base has two 80mm fans that you can easily move on the rack to adapt it to where your laptop has its racks. With a minimalist design and fixed posture, it is one of the most elegant bases you can find, ideal for use in work environments.

Mbuynow, for those looking for more than a cooling base


Finally, if you are looking for something beyond a mere cooling base, with this product we are literally in front of a cooling table, with a large 200 mm fan in the center and with a separate support on the right side that serves to put a mouse. Obviously it is not a table to put on the floor, but to be able to use the laptop for example in bed or on a sofa.

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