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TEAMGROUP XTREEM, RAM modules up to DDR4-5600

The performance of some games can be marked by the performance of the RAM. After activating NVIDIA its ReBAR, it is clear that having more GB / s between the RAM and the GPU is going to be crucial to transport textures from the first to the second, so these DDR4 modules are going to be highly valued.


Whether we want to overclock, or if we want the best performance in gaming, the memory frequency is becoming more and more important. As such, manufacturers are striving to push performance higher and higher, to levels that will far exceed industry standards.

The new LGA1200 platform under the Z590 chipset and above all thanks to the new BMI of the Intel Rocket Lake-S CPUs will allow to achieve real atrocious speed in RAM.


The TEAMGROUP R&D team has proven this, reaching maximum speeds of DDR4-5600 MHz (24-32-32-52-1)

To be specific, we are talking about a series of RAM memories under the name of XTREEM, which will arrive as a spearhead at that speed and in a capacity of 2 x 8 GB exclusively, thus achieving a good density for overclocking and gaming. But what about the rest of the ranges?

Lower speeds and limited moment capacities


It seems that the new chips that manage to reach such speeds as standard will be quite limited in terms of capacity. And it is that the XTREEM ARGB and XTREEM ARGB WHITE DDR4 series will be offered in two different speeds, but both in the same size kit.

Thus, these speeds will be offered between 5333 MHz and 5066 MHz, both in 2 x 8 GB modules to meet the needs of the most demanding overclockers. To make matters worse, TEAMGROUP has taken the trouble to ensure compatibility with Z590 boards at these speeds and with models from different manufacturers, such as ASUS ASRock, GIGABYTE or MSI.


Unfortunately, in no case is the VCCSA voltage required to achieve them specified, but in any case it has to be tremendously high, since it far exceeds its maximum speed. Regarding their availability and prices, the company has specified that all these memory kits will be available from May 2021 worldwide.

On the other hand, he has not said a word about the price of each kit and series, but in any case, seeing their characteristics they will not be cheap at all. In any case, you will have to wait a little over two months to get hold of them.