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Star Citizen could require up to 100 GB of disk space

Star citizen is one of the games that started with a Crowdfunding that more expectation and that greater expectations has created since its launch. Currently still in Alpha phase development (and what remains), but apparently if the game continues along the paths it is going, its final version it may require up to 100 GB of free disk space to install.

Jeremy Masker, the director of gaming operations at Cloud Imperium Games, has warned people to be somewhat limited in terms of storage capacity on their PC that they could have problems with the game. Masker has explained that even after compressing the game files and removing the installation packages, the final client is expected to occupy about 100 GB on disk, not to mention the updates that will be released that are expected to be several Gigabytes. each, or they could release massive updates of up to 20GB.

“Our installation file compression and removal utility is not reducing the file size as much as we would like (we wanted the client to be 30-40GB at most). The number and size of the files that remain will make the end customer occupy about 100 GB “, Masker said. “On the other hand, we are optimizing the patches of the game so that they occupy less, but we won’t be able to do much about it either. Each new patch includes hundreds of new files, each weighing about 200 Mb, so we are talking about patches between 2 and 6 GB in size.