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Side fans in PC box, why are they no longer sold?

In the past, having a case with a large side fan or several smaller side fans was the most common, since there was a belief that the more fans the case had, the better its internal cooling would be. However, the disappearance of this type of boxes from the market is caused by several factors and not only by the preference to have an aesthetic that allows you to see the inside of the box, and we are going to tell you everything below.

The “death” of side fan boxes

From now on we tell you that the main reason for the disappearance of this type of boxes is twofold, but primarily because PC cooling hardware has evolved in recent years. In the past, having a clamshell-type heatsink (or the stock that Intel and AMD provide with their processors) was more than enough to keep the CPU cool, but the TDP requirements have been increasing and the thermal dissipation requirements have increased. have seen a notable increase.

This has caused that at present this type of heatsinks have been practically discarded in favor of AIO liquid cooling solutions and tower or double tower type air heatsinks, in which it does not make sense to have a fan that brings fresh air from the side. And it is that with a shell type heatsink the side fans made more sense because they pushed fresh air from the outside directly into the processor heatsink, but as cooling has evolved this has stopped making sense in favor of more and better front fans.

On many occasions, these side fans were designed to put fresh air into the graphics card, but again the thermal design of these is already designed so that they receive fresh air from the front fans and even from the floor fans and not from the side. , and proof of this is that many graphics have “closed” heatsinks that do not allow the heatsink to receive air from its side.

Aerocool box with side fans

To this must be added the design trend that current PC cases have, in which today most have transparent windows (be they made of acrylic plastic or tempered glass) that allow you to see the internal hardware of the PC. This obviously eliminates the possibility of having one or more side fans, not because you can’t but because it would cover the internal hardware and in such a case having a transparent side would no longer make sense. In other words, the aesthetics of modern boxes have eliminated side fans.

However, you have to take into account how the airflow of modern boxes is designed, with the fresh air entering through the front and floor of the box and leaving through the rear and the ceiling, where a side fan literally it would spoil the natural flow of internal air, generating turbulence and noise and not improving the cooling of the internal hardware at all.

Airflow generates noise on PC

Basically, these are the two reasons why the box manufacturers themselves have stopped developing models with side fans, since they no longer make sense either in terms of cooling or of course aesthetics.