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Secretlab 2022 Series, high-end gaming chairs soon available

Founded in 2014, Secretlab has redefined what people perceive of gaming chairs. Driven by massive investment in R&D, development, and cutting-edge engineering, Secretlab’s award-winning chairs have proven to be one of the best choices when users seek the best of the best, and today more than a million users sit on the their products. Today Secretlab presents the result of these developments with the 2022 series, the gaming chairs with more integrated technology, and not precisely in the form of RGB.

What’s new in the Secretlab 2022 Series gaming chairs?

“Our manufacturing scale has given us access to technologies that weren’t possible to implement on a smaller scale. The cost advantages gained from large-scale economies have allowed us to invest heavily in the development of new technologies and functions: we have committed more than $ 20 million in R&D for our chairs, so that we can continue to innovate and expand limits of new user experiences ».- Ian Ang, co-founder of Secretlab.

To begin with, the new generation of Secretlab gaming chairs brings under its arm news regarding the external materials of the chairs, starting with an improved and more advanced version of its SoftWeave fabric designed to be softer, more breathable and more durable. A new form of construction comprising interlocking loops of high-strength yarn fibers allows for smaller details to be incorporated into each stitch, allowing complex designs to be mapped into a layered fabric with different layers of color.

Likewise, the synthetic leather models have also had an update with the new generation of premium synthetic leather that recreates the shine and resistance of NAPA leather while being even more resistant than the previous synthetic leather. PRIMETM 2.0, which is 12 times more durable than normal PU leather and stays in good condition much longer. Secretlab has modified its surface with a laminate and an ultra fine fiber reinforced base layer.

Secretlab leather

On the other hand, the manufacturer has also redesigned in this 2022 series the lumbar support L-ADAPT which now allows not only to modify the hardness of the backrest, but also its position so that users can put it exactly in the position that is most comfortable for them. Likewise, they have modified their famous 4D armrest with the new CloudSwap system that allows you to replace the arms of the chair with others in a matter of seconds, and the manufacturer will obviously launch several models with different materials and designs.

In addition to all this, Secretlab has put technology even in the cervical cushion of their chairs, which now instead of having a rubber strap to adjust to the chair has magnetic anchor, so you will not have problems with the rubbers that give themselves or get caught somewhere. In addition, now the cervical cushions are filled with memory foam for greater comfort.

Secretlab Technologies 2022

Until now, Secretlab offered the normal size in their chairs and the XL in some models, such as the TITAN series. Now it will offer three sizes in its entire catalog of 2022 Series gaming chairs, being able to choose the small, normal and XL model to be able to adjust to users of all sizes.

They have also redesigned the seat of the chairs, combining the best of the OMEGA and TITAN series according to user comments to allow natural movement in the chair without the sides glued to the legs hindering it, but still delivering the level of comfort that one can expect from a high-end chair. According to Secretlab, the new seat design allows even sitting cross-legged comfortably.

Finally, they have also revamped the lift piston system to make it shorter, allowing the chair to be put in a lower position if desired. Likewise, they have modified the chair’s recline, height and sway control system with better angles to make it easier for the user to reach the controls. They have also renewed the recline and lumbar adjustment systems for a better grip.

The new 2022 series of Secretlab gaming chairs has just been unveiled just now as we have said before, and will be available in its online store in the coming weeks.