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SCUF Gaming controllers, features and models, are they worth it?

It was in December 2019 when Corsair announced the acquisition of SCUF Gaming, a brand that stood out for the excellent quality of its controllers for PC and console but that did not have the extension or investment in marketing that Corsair could provide. Since the acquisition, the company has continued to operate as before, maintaining its level of quality and professional standards.

What makes SCUF Gaming controllers so special?

As we said at the beginning of the article, there are a huge number of different models of controllers for PC and console, with different characteristics and qualities, so for a brand to be considered the best at something it must provide certain advanced features beyond simple quality. and performance. There is no doubt that SCUF Gaming excels at this, and below we are going to tell you about the advanced features that make them so special.

To begin with, these controls stand out for having additional triggers that are either configurable, or they come pre-assigned for the keys that are used the most. These additional triggers allow you to press faster and more comfortably, since they are located in the lower area, just like Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller.

SCUF Gaming boasts that its triggers they are the fastest, most accurate and efficient on the market. They have travel and hardness adjustment, and are also interchangeable to be able to incorporate longer or shorter triggers depending on the preferences of the user or the game they are playing.

There are several controls on the market that allow swap the D-Pad or joysticks, and the SCUF controls are no exception since in fact they have a wide range of possibilities in it, giving the user a versatility that really no other control on the market has.

SCUF Gaming controller

More features that stand out in these controls are, for example, their wear resistant and high performance grips (By this they mean that they do not slip even if your hands sweat). Likewise, all controls have interchangeable covers to also be able to customize the aesthetics of the remote control and not only its operation or aesthetics.

SCUF controls

Another outstanding feature of these controls is, for example, weight control. As an optional feature, some of the brand’s controls have the possibility of varying the weight to make them lighter or heavier depending on what the users want, a really very useful feature in a PC or console controller as it can help to have better control or reduce fatigue when using it, especially when used for many hours in a row.

SCUF Gaming weight control

Obviously, a feature that cannot be missing is the possibility of modifying the mapping of all the additional keys, buttons and triggers that they incorporate, since without this they would not be different from any remote control on the market. This is especially useful due to the fact that they can be remapped and stored in memory depending on the game, so that for example you can have a profile for fighting games and another for sports simulators.

SCUF command mapping

So far the special characteristics that make the SCUF gaming controllers different from those of the competition, although it is true that we see many of these same characteristics in other controllers such as the Xbox Elite Controller, although obviously these controls are also approximately in the same price range as SCUF.

Featured Models and Features

Of course, another of the “features” of these controls – which are not really such – is a wide variety of sizes and arrangements of controls to suit the needs of users. Thus, we find controls that have an asymmetrical arrangement like the Xbox controller and of course symmetrical like the PlayStation controls, although they also have different models both in size, weight and shape. We are going to see the models that they have available and what stands out in each of them.

Thus, SCUF gaming offers several controller models for PC and PlayStation and for PC and Xbox, so let’s see them all, starting with the IMPACT model for PlayStation and PC.

SCUF Impact

This command has the particularity of having symmetrical joysticks and a shape similar to the Xbox controller but with four rear triggers, but instead of being arranged on the side of the back, they are up to end its button at the bottom. Of course, its triggers are interchangeable and adjustable, as are the D-Pad and joysticks. They are available in a large number of different aesthetic designs.

We continue with the Infinity 4PS Pro model which, as the name suggests, is designed for the Sony PS4 (it is also compatible with PC). In this case it also has symmetrical joysticks but the shape of the remote is the same as the original Sony console.

SCUF Infinity Pro

This control has only two rear triggers instead of four, but arranged in the same way. They are not configurable in this case, and are assigned to the X and O buttons nothing else. The triggers are interchangeable and configurable in hardness and travel, and it also includes extenders to make them more comfortable, something very welcome in driving simulator-type games.

The joysticks are interchangeable, and the D-Pad, although not removable, does include an accessory to turn it into a circumference. Like all other controls, it has a large number of different aesthetic models to choose from.

We end up with the SCUF Prestige, in this case for Xbox and PC. This controller is shaped like the original Xbox controller, with asymmetric joysticks and has the particularity that it is covered with textured rubber on the entire back to improve grip.

SCUF Prestige

This control has four additional rear joysticks that of course are configurable, as well as configurable are the triggers in terms of travel and hardness. SCUF boasts that this controller has been designed for competitive gaming, that it has 30 hours of battery life on a single charge and, in addition, that it incorporates specific profiles for various games such as FIFA, APEX Legends or Call of Duty.

Are they worth it or are they pure marketing?

With the characteristics and specifications that we have talked about and coupled with an excellent build quality and therefore durability, you may have already realized that we are dealing with very high-end controls designed to deliver the best performance. However, they are still controls whose price ranges from 150 to 200 euros, so without a doubt it is enough to think if it is worth making this outlay of money, especially since there are much cheaper options on the market including the original controls. of the consoles.

The reality is that almost any controller will give you a good performance in games, obviously some better than others, and only the most gourmets will consider buying one of these SCUF Gaming controllers; However, we still have high-end options from manufacturers like Microsoft or Razer without going any further, so is it worth buying a SCUF Gaming controller?

If you are a user who spends many, many hours playing with a controller -either on a PC or a console- it is likely that you are interested in acquiring a controller superior to the one that comes by default with consoles and of course a cheap controller for PC. SCUF Gaming is a brand that stands out and of course it is not pure marketing, but for example, except for the fact of customizable weight, Microsoft’s Xbox Elite has nothing to envy any controller of this brand, but rather the opposite.

In short, it is a purchase that you will not regret if you are a hardcore gamer that uses a controller, but do not expect that your performance will grow substantially when using them.