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Samsung U28R552, 4K LED-IPS monitor with HDR and FreeSync on sale

In the past, 4K resolution seemed very far away, at least on PCs and consoles because the graphics hardware we had could not move such a resolution comfortably. Today things are different because manufacturers are focusing all their efforts on improving the user experience at that resolution, and proof of this is that 4K monitors are almost within everyone’s reach.

Samsung U28R552, a 4K monitor that has (almost) everything

Enjoying content in high resolution and with high dynamic range (HDR) is already within everyone’s reach, at least in terms of hardware capacity and amount of supported content. Therefore, having a good monitor that meets the necessary technical standards will certainly be an excellent investment to enjoy high definition content in all its magnitude.

This Samsung monitor has a 28-inch diagonal with a “frameless” design (which is rather very thin and that’s it) on three of its sides, and of course it carries 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), in addition to the banner of the HDR10 certification that will allow us to enjoy content with a high dynamic range. In addition, Samsung has built the U28R552 with an IPS-LED matrix that stands out for its rich colors (90% of the DCI color space) but also for its wide viewing angles that have nothing to do with those of other LED panels.

Viewing angles Samsung U28R552

Continuing with its main technical characteristics, it should be noted that its refresh rate is between 48 and 60 Hz compatible with AMD FreeSync, which is not that it is a marvel and of course it is not a monitor designed for gaming, but it will also help have smoother images at high frame rates per second in games. Its GtG response time is 4 ms, which is not bad considering that the panel is IPS and not VA or TN.

It should also be mentioned that various technologies are included that improve not only the image but also the user’s quality of life: thus, it has Flicker-Free anti-flicker technology, Low Blue Light blue light reduction technology and Eye Saver mode that reduces automatically brightness of the screen in low light conditions to avoid adverse effects on user health. In general, it is a monitor that can be used to work with it throughout the day without problems.

Monitor comes factory calibrated by hardware, and has a V-shaped base that unfortunately only allows you to modify its inclination and not its height or rotation, but it can be disassembled and used its VESA 75 anchor point to mount the screen on an articulated arm or wall bracket . As video inputs, the Samsung U28R552 integrates a DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI 2.0, as well as a headphone output.

Offer price and availability

Actually, as we have mentioned before, this is not a discount offer as such, but the monitor is at an all-time low price and is an excellent opportunity to get a 4K HDR monitor with features that, as we have seen, are quite interesting. .

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