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Roundup of X58 chipset motherboards at Anadtech.

This Anandtech comparison analyzes 4 motherboards: The Asus P6T Deluxe, Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5, MSI X58 Eclipse and eVGA X58 SLI, but the most interesting we can find it as a note at the beginning of the article, in which Anand relates the pathetic state in which the motherboards’ Bios were when they received them, with non-existent functionalities, poor memory support, accused instability running at speeds of stock, etc.

Given that most of these motherboards cost well over € 300, what less than to require the manufacturer to go on the market ready to be used normally and not in the “look at me and don’t touch me” plan. Anand even comments that one of the manufacturers was only interested in knowing how his board went up but was not interested in all the problems that it presented when it worked in stock configuration.

From HardZone we echo, we support Anand Lai’s position and we urge manufacturers to do their job well and not dedicate themselves to creating countless headaches for their buyers with plates that do not work when they leave their bags after we have spent a fortune on them. A minimum of respect, please.

You can read Anandtech’s analysis at this link:

Analysis of motherboards with X58 chipset by Anandtech.