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Corsair MM700 RGB Features and Technical Specifications

Corsair MM700 RGB
Dimensions 930mm long
400mm wide
Materials Textile / Rubber
Others 2x USB 2.0

We are going to analyze the Corsair MM700 RGB with a size Extended XL, the largest version of this type of mats. The dimensions of this are 930 mm long by 400 mm wide, and its thickness is 4 mm. It is large enough to place a keyboard on it and be able to move the mouse without colliding with anything. The main manufacturing material is textile, while the base is rubber.

This MM700 RGB features a 360 degree dynamic lighting divided into three zones. The mat features a total of 12 lighting profiles different that we can toggle with a button, in addition to being able to fully customize this lighting thanks to the iCUE software.

In addition to lighting, the mat features a HUB of two USB ports where we can connect the wireless keyboard and mouse receivers, for example, or headphones. These ports are low power USB 2.0. Whatever we want. The connection to the tower is made through a USB-C in the pocket of the mat itself.

Corsair MM700 RGB External Review

This mat comes in a box, quite large, with the characteristic colors of this manufacturer: black and yellow. We can see a photo of the mat on two of the sides of the box, as well as the technical specifications on another of them.

When we open the box we will find that this mat is rolled around a rigid cardboard tube. And inside this tube we will find the instruction manual for the mat and the USB cable, inside a plastic.

Corsair MM700 RGB - Review 3

As we can see, the mat is quite large, according to its dimensions. The fabric of the upper part is very soft and will allow us to move the mouse without any problem, while the rubber of the lower part allows it to be properly attached to the table or to the surface where we place it.

Corsair MM700 RGB - Review 5

The mat is quite flexible and does not deform easily, something very important if we are one of those who always carry our peripherals with us. Of course, we must take into account when picking it up that we will have the “flask” at the top. And that to have all its functionalities we will have to spend a USB on whatever computer it is.

Without a doubt, one of its main features is the HUB, at the top. This has, mainly, two functional ones. The first one is to receive power, through USB, so that the lighting works, as well as to allow us to control it from its switch. And the second one is to allow us to connect up to two low-power USB devices. For example, we can connect the keyboard and mouse receivers, or any other peripheral.

Corsair MM700 RGB - Review 13

The finishes of the mat are well cared for, although it is true that they have a somewhat “plastic” look as they are made of translucent material to allow the RGB lighting inside.

Test of performance

Without a doubt, its main advantage is the size. Surely more than once we have thought that the mats are only for the mouse, until we have tried a larger one. And in doing so, we have found that it is very useful to be able to have the keyboard and mouse on the same mat, but we no longer need more space. Again, we were wrong. As long as we have plenty of space on the table, this mat will allow us to place the peripherals as we want, without impediments, as well as having plenty of space to place other items on it, such as the mobile.

Corsair MM700 RGB - Review 15

From the button that we can find in the box at the top we can change its lighting. But if we want to get the most out of it and customize this lighting to the maximum, then we must do it through iCue.

Customize lighting from iCue

The corsair software it will recognize the mat automatically as soon as it is connected to the PC. In addition to seeing a photo of the mat in question, from this program we will be able to customize the lighting effects that we want to have as much as possible.

Corsair MM700 RGB - Software 2

In total, the mat allows you to customize the lighting in three independent areas of the same. In addition to choosing an effect for each one, we will also be able to choose the speed at which we want the effect to move, as well as the direction.

There are not as many options and as many effects as in a keyboard or a mouse, but enough to give our desktop a personalized touch.

USB speed

Corsair recommends that we use the USB ports on this mat for low-power peripherals. Since they do not have external power, it is not recommended to use them to work, for example, with hard drives. This is one of the reasons why the two ports are USB 2.0 and not USB 3.0, because they can’t deliver the 1.5 amps of the USB 3.0 standard.

The idea is to take advantage of them to connect, for example, the wireless receiver of the keyboard, the mouse or the headphones. But if we want to give them a little more utility, a USB stick could work just as well. Of course, at USB 2.0 speed. We have tested the read and write speed of the USB ports on this Corsair MM700 RGB, and the results speak for themselves.

It’s not bad speed, of course. But the ports are much slower than, for example, those that any modern tower has on the front thanks to USB 3.0 or USB-C.

Bottom line: is the Corsair MM700 RGB worth it?

As a mat, it fulfills its purpose by far. And as a high-end gaming mousepad, the same. Without a doubt, this is one of the most complete mats on the market. The first thing we can highlight about it is its size. We are before a surface 930 mm long by 400 mm wide, more than enough space to place a keyboard, a mouse and still have room for other objects without colliding with each other.

Corsair MM700 RGB - Review 16

The material of this MM700 RGB is of high quality. We can notice it from the first moment we touch it. And as we use it, we are noticing its quality more and more. We are facing a very soft material, how and, at the same time, resistant.

Its finishes, despite being the most complicated part of the manufacture (due to the illuminated edges) are very well finished. We have not found a single “fault” that could be missed. The flask, in the upper part, is very well concealed, and does not interfere at all in the use of it.

If there are any drawbacks to be highlighted, we can say that the flask on the top makes the fabric parts adjacent to it a little “in the air” at times. In addition, we miss that the ports were USB 3.0, since we could give it much more use as a HUB.

For all this, we have decided to give the Corsair MM700 RGB mouse pad our gold award. Of course, we must bear in mind that we are facing a premium accessory, so it has a premium price.