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Requirements and how to get free Frostpunk and Genshin Impact for PC

Actually, Genshin Impact was originally a game designed for mobiles; However, it was so successful that they decided to release it for both PC and consoles, and is currently one of the most played games of the moment. For its part, Frostpunk is a strategy, city builder and survival game that was released more than three years ago but is still well known, especially for its difficulty, since it is considered “hardcore” even by lovers of games. Strategy games.

How to get Genshin Impact and Frostpunk for free

As usual, you can get both games for free from the Epic Games Store, and add them to your digital game library to make them yours forever. As we have said before, Genshin Impact has always been free, only now instead of using its own launcher you can use the Epic platform to play, while the usual price of Frostpunk is 27.99 euros, so it is undoubtedly a Great gift for your digital game library.

The way to get them is the usual one: start the Epic Games Launcher on your PC, go to the Store tab and there you will see the two games in the free games section. Just click on each of them and “buy” them at zero price as if you were buying any game in the usual way; As always in Epic, the purchase process will be carried out at zero cost and they will be added to your game library automatically without you having to pay anything.

Obviously you need to have a registered Epic Games account and the Launcher installed on your PC, but if you don’t have the latter or are away from your PC you can also get them for free by entering their respective product pages: Genshin Impact Y Frostpunk. The Frostpunk will be free only until June 10, while the Genshin Impact, as it says, will be until the 17th of this month.

Can your PC play these games?

As we have commented before, Genshin Impact is a title that was originally designed for mobile devices, and although for this reason its requirements should not be too high, the reality is that the PC version is nothing but a port of the original that really it is not overly optimized. For its part, Frostpunk is a game that is three years old and although graphically it is very good it is still a strategy game, so the requirements as you will see are not too demanding.

These are the minimum and recommended requirements of both games as published by the developer:

Frostpunk minimum requirements Frostpunk recommended requirements Genshin Impact minimum requirements Genshin Impact recommended requirements
Processor 3.2 GHz dual core 3.2 GHz dual core Intel Core i5 or equivalent Intel Core i7 or equivalent
RAM 4GB 8 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Graphic card GeForce GTX 660
Radeon R7 370
GeForce GTX 970
Radeon RX 580
GeForce GT 1030 GeForce GTX 1060
Storage 8 GB 8 GB 30 GB 30 GB
Operating system 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 64-bit Windows 7/8/10

As we anticipated, the technical requirements to play Frostpunk are not too high and even with a team from a few years ago you can play it to the fullest without problems. The issue with Genshin Impact is that, as we have already mentioned, it is nothing but a port of the mobile version and that it is not optimized at all, which is why the developer recommends us to have a Core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM for play.