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Rembrandt and Van Gogh for 2022

The official roadmap by AMD for 2022 has been leaked, which includes a series of information especially of its SoCs under Rembrandt and Van Gogh architecture. Which we will see in 2022 and clarify a series of information about the processors for laptops that Lisa Su’s company will launch on the market next year. The news? Quite interesting and quite an evolutionary twist.

While Intel will embrace technologies such as DDR5 and PCI Express 5.0 for the first time in desktop PCs with Alder Lake, AMD will do so in the laptop market for the first time with Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

Rembrandt and Van Gogh: AMD’s SoCs for 2022

The first thing that catches your eye is obviously Rembrandt, an architecture that will be sold commercially as the AMD Ryzen 6000H and AMD Ryzen 6000U. The former will be deployed first for high-performance notebooks with a TDP of 45 W. The latter for ultra-thin notebooks with a TDP of 15 W, so in this regard AMD has organized the architecture like its two predecessors, Cezzanne and Renoir. .

The AMD Rembrandt SoCs will be manufactured under TSMC’s 6nm node, a variation of their 7nm node that allows designs to be re-leveraged to launch as smaller chips. However, AMD has decided to make a completely new design instead of taking advantage of the existing one, since the entire SoC has been completely renewed for both versions.

  • CPU cores will be upgraded to Zen 3+, we do not know what changes they will bring with respect to Zen 3.
  • AMD definitively abandons Integrated GPUs Vega to adopt RDNA 2.
  • Support for DDR5 and LPDDR5 memory, these are major changes in the communication structure of the SoC.

That is, while Cezanne is nothing more than Renoir exchanging the Zen 2 cores for Zen 3, Rembrandt will be a clean slate in terms of design. To the point where it will use a totally new socket. As for the current generation, as has happened with some Renoir models that have been sold as Lucienne and within the Ryzen 5000U series, AMD intends to repeat the play with the Barcelo-U SoCs, which can be seen not only for the use of Zen 3 and AMD Vega, but also the use of the same socket as the Ryzen 5000U and Ryzen 5000H.

Van Gogh for Chromebooks

AMD Van Gogh Rembrandt

The other surprise on the AMD roadmap apart from Rembrandt is Van Gogh, a processor under the 7nm TSMC node, for form factor PCs that use consumptions of less than 15W and under socket FF3 or HDI. The most amazing? Using an integrated RDNA 2 GPU.

Because the Zen 3 configuration is 8 cores per CCX and reduced to 6, with 2 idle. We believe that Van Gogh uses a 4-core configuration and hence AMD uses Zen 2 instead of Zen 3.

AMD specifies a 9W TDP, a level of consumption in which until now Intel was alone and for which AMD had not made a dedicated core so far. So AMD’s strategy for 2022 collides head-on against Intel’s where the Alder Lake architecture in different configurations will be AMD’s bet.