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Prices for ASRock, GIGABYTE, ASUS and MSI Z590 boards

What can we expect from a market on the rise with the prices of almost any component for PC? Well, with each launch the sector is becoming something more and more exclusive to those who have economic power in the middle of a global pandemic, with all countries with ERTES and with sales in free fall. This does not seem to worry motherboard manufacturers as, according to the leaked, they have all jumped on the bandwagon of raising the cost of their products.

ASRock, ASUS, GIGABYTE and MSI raise the prices of their Z590 boards

Suppose that indeed, we are looking at the final prices of the main models and manufacturers of motherboards in the world, that, although there are still models to be presented and launched as such, the number displayed is large enough to give us a good idea of ​​what is expected. is coming to us.

We will try to offer a closer and more comparative version of what is filtered and by brands, so that we can see the seriousness of this matter, always bearing in mind that we literally convert the dollar for euro. Starting with ASRock, its top of the range arrives with the Z590 Taichi, which would be offered at a price of $ 429.99, while its predecessor in Z490 is currently by 359.90 euros. This represents a rise in 19.47% of the price from one series to another.

ASRock Z590 Taichi

If we go to the Z590 Steel Legends series we have exactly the opposite effect, since based on the fact that we understand that the prices are with taxes, this new plate would cost $ 194.99 for the 224.75 euros of the Z490 version. If the plates did not include taxes as such, we would be talking about a nonsense for the Taichi and a sustained price for the Steel Legend.

The market is crazy, is the high-end gaming PC exclusively for wealthy people?


What we have done with the ASRock Z590 boards for Intel Rocket Lake-S is extrapolated to any model and manufacturer on the list, which raises an interesting debate: Is the PC market elitist today? Practically everything is out of control in its price, whether there is stock or not. Shipments are much more expensive, materials and rare earths are skyrocketing in price, production is at the limit, and although we are not going to enter into the debate on whether prices are legal or not, there is doubt about the average economic power of the user versus the cost of a PC is the least debatable.

Is the industry focusing the entire sector on gaming with the excuse of video games to extract every last penny? We all want the best or at least something that meets our needs 100%, but mounting a PC today is becoming extremely expensive. Motherboards are the last point in a long list of components that are skyrocketing their price and being so key in the assembly, it is not a product that we can logically do without.

How to justify the increases? What range of products and price range are the most sought after? A normal motherboard already goes to the 200 euros on average … Something unthinkable just a decade ago. This looks like a war where each mast holds its sail, we will see how long it takes for the mast to break.