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NVIDIA RTX iGPU on mobiles to compete with AMD and Qualcomm?

There is no doubt that the most popular ISA in the hardware market is not the x86 but ARM, the reason for this is that it is found in all types of PostPC devices, whether they are smartphones, tablets, smartTVs, different microcontrollers and therefore in endless applications. Which may make us think at first glance that NVIDIA has an interest in these markets, but it seems that things are not going to be like that.

No NVIDIA RTX on smartphones at the moment

The announcement a few days ago of the launch of the following Samsung Exynos SoCs with an integrated RDNA 2 GPU, which will carry support for Variable Rate Shading and Ray Tracing, has caused NVIDIA to be asked about an RTX for smartphones. Question that has been answered by the CEO of NVIDIA with the following words:

Ray Tracing games are quite large, to be honest the data set is at least large and there is still time for it. When the time is right we will consider it.

So NVIDIA has no answer to RDNA 2 for smartphones that AMD introduced a few days ago, which should not surprise us from the moment that NVIDIA from the launch of its Tegra X2 onwards left the SoC market for PostPC devices. to focus on the SoC market for the automotive and robotics market. Bet that they will continue with the next generation of their NVIDIA Tegra, under the code name Orin.

We must bear in mind that the purchase of ARM Holdings by NVIDIA also implies the purchase of Mali, which has been in low hours in recent years. We do not know if NVIDIA will close this division or instead will take advantage of its technology to relaunch under a rebranding under the GeForce brand. Since the purchase has not been completed and ARM’s structuring plans have therefore not been disclosed.

Huang’s words, do they contradict the Switch Pro rumors?

Switch PRO OLED mockup

An incessant rumor repeated by the media is that the renewed version of the Nintendo Switch will come with a totally new SoC and that it could include an RTX GPU inside, which not only contradicts the information extracted in the latest updates of said console, but also from the CEO of NVIDIA on creating an RTX GPU for smartphones. Although the SoC of the Nintendo console is the NVIDIA Tegra X1, it is a SoC of the year 2015 that failed in smartphones and tablets and was used by Nintendo to build its console.

NVIDIA, unlike AMD, does not have a bespoke SoC business and none of the Tegra family released after the X1 are suitable for a video game console and NVIDIA has shown no interest in developing one despite the excellent sales of the console. Nintendo, which in theory would justify the launch of a more powerful SoC.

In the event that Nintendo returns to NVIDIA, the only option would be to have one of its SoCs for automotive, of which the Tegra Xavier is too big and Orin is dated for next year. However, NVIDIA may have a project not yet revealed with Nintendo, but it does not seem that NVIDIA’s interest in ARM has to do with making a portable version of the GeForce, but in bringing ARM to the PC and combining them with the RTX of all life.