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NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti, Leaks, Details and Features

There is a lot of loose rumor, a lot of leakage that, at the moment, does not have any minimally valid argument. But it is that secrecy is being quite abrupt this time and, for example, we can say something similar about other models that we have talked about in the past and that are not a reality at the moment, although there are already tangible things. The RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti are right around the corner and we know a lot about them, but what will the RTX 3090 Ti look like?

NVIDIA does not want surprises, the RTX 3090 Ti would arrive to confirm the leadership in gaming

Go ahead to say that there are rumors that support the existence of this card and others that do the exact opposite. So in any case let’s take every rumor or feature with a little salt, so with that being said, let’s try to put a little light on this GPU.

As we saw, the leak came from ZOTAC’s control software, FireStorm, but thanks to it we have certain details.

This new RTX 3090 Ti is rumored to arrive in a few months thanks to Samsung’s refinement of its 8nm lithographic process and the increased production capacity the company is seeing. This would lead to a lower failure rate in the large chips and at the same time a higher volume of them, which together with the production of more wafers per hour would result in the three versions of the GA102 seeing how the number of functional chips.

We are therefore talking about a GA102 chip that in the case of this RTX 3090 Ti would be complete, without SM cuts or benefits. Thus, it would integrate 10752 Shaders, 336 TMUs, 112 ROPs, 336 Tensor Cores, 84 RT Cores and all with 6 MB of L2 and 350 watts of official TDP.

VRAM could skyrocket, as its price


There are two versions of this story here, but only one certainty that we know, at least for now and except for surprise. Rumors and speculation indicate that NVIDIA could be working with 2GB GDDR6X chips today, which would imply that this new RTX 3090 Ti could come with a whopping 48GB of VRAM.

The problem, as we saw months ago, is the temperatures. The 1GB chips are really hot and on the RTX 3090 PCB they already pose a problem to dissipate heat, since they are on both sides of the substrate.

We do not know if these chips are already in production and therefore NVIDIA will use them, if they are pure speculation and therefore we will see the 24 GB as such again, or if we are simply speculating about a legend card, but in any Given the distance between the RX 6900 and the RTX 3090, NVIDIA cannot rest on its laurels.

Is the RTX 3090 Ti real or just plain smoke? Time will tell, but there are more and more rumors behind the scenes and we could apply the saying of: when the river sounds, water carries.