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NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti GPUs Release Date

Actually, the launch of these graphics cards has been quite postponed with what was initially thought (two weeks in the case of the 3080 Ti). Now it has been confirmed with NVIDIA that both graphics will be announced on May 31, and NVIDIA has also confirmed that the date on which the media will be able to publish the analyzes will be the day June 2 for the RTX 3080 Ti and the day June 9 for RTX 3070 Ti.

The RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti are announced but will there be stock?

Currently, NVIDIA is already sending its partners (assemblers) the GA10X-XX2 GPU models internally designated as Lite Hash Rate (LHR), which as you know are models that come with a limiter for cryptocurrency mining. The plan is to completely renew the entire line of graphics that they now have on the market with these new limited models, and obviously both the RTX 3080 Ti and the RTX 3070 Ti will come already limited from the factory.

The fact is, NVIDIA has said that GPUs will have availability “In the coming weeks” but has not indicated a specific date. It is quite likely that the delay in the launch of these two graphics cards is due both to the implementation of the limitation for mining and to the fact that they are stockpiling stock so that this is a real launch in which users can buy the graphics in stores and not just a launch on paper without real stock as has happened until now.

As we said, on May 31st we will get rid of doubts because that is when NVIDIA plans to make the official announcement; June 2 for the RTX 3080 Ti and June 9 for the RTX 3070 Ti are related to the publication of analysis and performance tests, and although they usually coincide with the actual launch date with stock, in this case NVIDIA does not has wanted to confirm the data so it is something that is still in doubt.

While this is the fifth AIB update on the release schedule for both charts, it’s actually the first time that NVIDIA has confirmed the exact release dates for both SKUs, so it finally looks like it’s going to be definitive.

This will be the new NVIDIA gaming GPUs

The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti will feature a GA102-225 GPU with 10,240 CUDA cores enabled; This model will offer 12 GB of dedicated GDDR6X graphics memory (only 2 GB more than the RTX 3080) which, thanks to its 384-bit bus, will offer a maximum bandwidth 152 GB / s higher than the normal RTX 3080.


The RTX 3070 Ti for its part could be one of the most interesting GPUs in the entire NVIDIA lineup. It’s the first Ampere graphics to feature full GPU specifications (meaning the GPU is delivering its full potential, with nothing disabled), in this case the GA104-400. It will offer 6144 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6X memory, the same as the RTX 3070. It is curious that this amount of memory is less than what the 12GB RTX 3060 offers, but it supposedly has twice the number of GDDR6X modules which provides a 160GB / s bandwidth increase over non-Ti 3070.

It seems, therefore, that the launch of these “Ti” GPUs has a lot to do with graphics memory more than anything else; we’ll have to wait to see what impact this has on performance.