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NVIDIA LHR limitation works limits GPU only for Ethereum

It’s no secret that NVIDIA’s latest batch of graphics cards, like the one RTX 3080 Ti, they have serious difficulties when mining Ethereum, the crypto that is most booming at the moment. This is a GPU that consumes a lot and thanks to the LHR limitation imposed by NVIDIA its mining power of this cryptocurrency has been drastically reduced to half of what it could, so it is not profitable use it for it. With this, NVIDIA intends that miners have no interest in this GPU for the benefit of those who want to buy it for gaming, but the problem is that the limitation it only works with Ethereum and not with other digital currencies.

NVIDIA LHR only works for mining Ethereum

Ethereum is the hot cryptocurrency (with Chia’s permission, which is not mined with GPUs) right now, especially for those miners who use their graphics card to profit. Mining Bitcoin is currently very unprofitable unless you have specific ASICs to mine it due to its high difficulty, and the rest of cryptocurrencies have too low a value to be too profitable, which is why mining Ethereum is currently the main one target of most miners.

However, most cryptocurrencies are still on the rise and with the mining power of current GPUs there are some others, called niche cryptos, that it is profitable to mine with GPUs. And the problem with NVIDIA LHR limitations is precisely that they only limit mining with the algorithms that Ethereum uses but not that of the rest of cryptos, and with the incredible power developed by the new GPUs, tests and the performance of mining reaches heights never seen to date.

For example, in the following screenshot you can see an RTX 3080 Ti mining ERGO at a rate of about 225 MH / s, and that without memory optimization or limitation of its consumption (which is usual when mining to increase its efficiency to maximum). For comparison, an RTX 3090 mines this crypto at 229 MH / s.


This cryptocurrency, for example, is currently priced at about $ 12 per unit and with an RTX 3080 Ti it is already profitable to mine it, something that may arouse the interest of more seasoned miners who seek to continue profiting from their graphics cards despite the limitations that NVIDIA has tried to impose with LHR.

In other words, NVIDIA’s limitations in terms of the mining power of its graphics are a good attempt to make miners lose interest, but since these limitations are only for Ethereum they can cause precisely the opposite effect, which now miners are more interested in their GPUs but for mining other cryptos instead of just ETH.

We hope that this situation will cause NVIDIA to rethink its strategy with LHR and extend the limitations to the rest of cryptocurrencies, since the solution is essentially quite good for gamers who want to buy their graphics card to play, but the achievement of the solution it is not being as good as you might expect.