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NVIDIA HX GPUs, are they better at mining Ethereum than RTX?

There are three factors that determine which GPUs to use for mining: their MH / s ratios, the power consumed, and the efficiency ratio. Mh / s / W that represent the two values. In addition, when cryptocurrencies fall to very low values, the return on investment costs becomes more tricky, so the price of each card should also be included in the equation, even if we are not at that point right now. So, do the new HX-series GPUs for mining really lease versus RTX gaming?

NVIDIA CMP, the GPUs focused on Ethereum mining

30HX 40HX 50HX 90HX
Hash rate 30HX26 MH / s 40HX36 MH / s 50HX45 MH / s 90HX86 MH / s
TDP 30HX125 watts 40HX185 watts 50HX250 watts 90HX320 watts
Feeding 30HX8 pin 40HX8 pin 50HX2 x 8 pins 90HX2 x 8 pins
VRAM memory 30HX6 GB 40HX8 GB 50HX10 GB 90HX10 GB
Availability 30HXQ1 2021 40HXQ1 2021 50HXQ2 2021 90HXQ2 2021

As we well know, up to four variants NVIDIA will launch exclusively for the mining market: 30HX, 40HX, 50HX and the more powerful 90HX. These GPUs range from 125 watts of TDP to 320 watts and as we know now, they will be based on the Turing architecture and possibly go up to 12nm like their old RTX versions.

Therefore, it sounds difficult that a Turing card can compete with an Ampere due to the architecture and node improvements of the latter, but how true is that when we compare the performances on paper?

As we can see, by pure power the new RTX 3080 and especially the RTX 3090 manage to endorse a lot of percentage difference in Hash to the 90HX, while in efficiency things do not improve. But if there is something that should worry NVIDIA it is precisely the RTX 3070, since it achieves an efficiency of 0.53, which and knowing that it consumes 117 watts on average, drives it to almost double the efficiency compared to the 90 HX.

The RTX 3060 Ti is the most desired option, does NVIDIA become the competition?

RTX 3070 vs RTX 3060 Ti

Hash TDP Efficiency MH / s / W
RTX 3090 Hash121 MH / s TDP290 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.42
RTX 3080 Hash98 MH / s TDP224 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.44
90HX Hash86 MH / s TDP320 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.27
RTX 3070 Hash62 MH / s TDP117 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.53
RTX 3060 Ti Hash60 MH / s TDP120 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.50
RTX 2080 Ti Hash49 MH / s TDP240 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.20
50HX Hash45 MH / s TDP250 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.18
40HX Hash36 MH / s TDP185 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.19
30HX Hash26 MH / s TDP125 watts Efficiency MH / s / W0.21

If there is a GPU that stands out and that everyone is looking for, it is precisely the RTX 3060 Ti. With 60 MH / s, 120 watts and an efficiency of 0.50, coupled with a more contained price, they make NVIDIA not currently able to compete against itself.

The 90HX achieves 0.27 ratio and even if it had a lower price than the RTX 3060 Ti it would not be able to exceed the values ​​of the Ampere card. So does it make sense to launch this new CMP series with its corresponding HX GPUs? It is difficult to answer this question.

NVIDIA is not going to be able to limit the performance of the GPUs that are already in the hands of the miners, mainly because it no longer controls that hardware and secondly, even if it locks the software to reduce the performance, the miners would only have to go back to one version back to bypass the limitation.

In other words, the GPUs sold cannot be limited anymore, but this is only part of the total movement, because although this battle is lost, NVIDIA is gradually withdrawing all models from the market to replace them with new GPUs that implement limitations at the level of performance. hardware or software, such as the new RTX 3060.

Of course, the prices of the new HXs remain to be seen, something that will also be decisive in the market, although if the greens do not cap the performance in some way of the current RTXs, it will be of little value that the NVIDIA HX arrive at a price of demolition, rather than to decongest the market with the new RTX models.