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NVIDIA GeForce RTX Founders Edition, zero availability in stores

NVIDIA Founders Edition graphics cards are those manufactured directly by the brand rather than by an assembler, and are highly appreciated for the high quality of their heatsink and their low noise, which is why they have always been highly sought after graphics and difficult to obtain. . However, so far if you were lucky you could get one, but at this time they are no longer showing up and it seems that NVIDIA has withdrawn them from the market.

What about the Founders Edition graphics?

Interestingly, all references to Founders Edition (FE) graphics have disappeared from NVIDIA’s list of stores and the retail stores involved. To check it, you just have to go to the official NVIDIA website, select the RTX 30 Series graphics and click on “Buy all”; In the purchase options of any of the models, there is no longer a single NVIDIA reference model and only custom graphics come out of the assemblers.

In fact, if you click on any of the models you will see that on the left side, where the filters appear, it can no longer be filtered by Founders Edition under the product category or by NVIDIA under the manufacturer filter. In other words, NVIDIA seems to have removed all traces of its benchmark GPUs on its website.

A similar situation is found with online stores that usually sold Founders Edition graphics (or at least had them listed), since today most have eliminated them directly from their catalog, and if before it was difficult to find them with availability Now it is impossible to get one directly.

Availability of RTX 30 Series graphics still in question

The NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics availability issue has always been a topic of discussion since its announcement, and it is almost impossible to find stores with availability even now that it has been a while since they hit the market. We are facing a situation similar to that of the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X consoles, which small consignments arrive by drops to stores and tend to run out quickly, so users who are behind one of these graphs are forced to Check online stores constantly to see if stock has been replaced.

Stock RTX 3080

On the other hand, we have the problem of the price, always also in question both because of the announced price increase by some assemblers and because of the speculators who have used unlawful techniques to buy these graphics cards and then sell them more expensive with the goal of profit.

Will there ever come a time when we can buy these graphics cards whenever we want knowing that there is stock in stores? It is difficult to know, but everything indicates that the situation will continue like this for quite some time, maybe even until NVIDIA launches its new generation of GPUs, sadly. What we really hope is that manufacturers have learned their lesson and that the next generation has plenty of stock to meet demand and that we do not have to experience this situation again.