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NVIDIA CMP 220HX, new high-end GPU for mining

As we well know, the A100 was the first GPU introduced under the Ampere architecture and well, it’s a crazy card. To the point that it costs a whopping $ 11,000, as it is targeted at very specific industries with proprietary NVIDIA software for those purposes. But what if we harnessed its potential to mine?

NVIDIA CMP 220HX, the giant that dethrons any GPU

The new card to mine within the CMP range is the 220HX, a name not confirmed on the other hand, but which has already been filtered as such, and as a good card of the elitist range its performance is almost off the scale. And it is that in terms of performance for mining, we speak of twice that in an RTX 3090 no less.

The problem is that the A100 is going to a whopping $ 11,000while the RTX 3090 has an MSRP of 1500 And although it can be found for considerably more price today, the original Ampere card does not compensate for its high cost.

But what if NVIDIA starts cutting unnecessary features for mining and lowers the price? Here the rumor about this new 220HX enters fully. NVIDIA would remove 1 HBM2 memory array to lower those 40 GB or you could opt for other configurations than arrays to round numbers like 8GB (wasting bandwidth) or 5GB without loss of performance.

In this last configuration, the giant 5120-bit bus and the 1.6 TB / s of VRAM performance would be maintained.

The chip could be cut in final benefits

Likewise, your GPU could choose between two different options: maintain features and performance like the original A100 or choose to move the “defective” chips that do not pass the quality tests for the A100 and allocate them to this new 220HX, thus achieving improved performance in each wafer even at a lower price.

Let’s not forget that lowering the price to a chip that does not meet the final specifications is always better than not entering anything for it, and more so with the current price of TSMC 7nm wafers.

Finally, the price would be around $ 3,000, something that would definitely attract every miner if the performance is confirmed: 210 MH / s. If the figure is correct and the TDP is less than the surprising 250 watts of the A100, the miners would be rubbing their hands, since in just a few months they could make the investment profitable with cryptocurrencies, at least at the price they are currently at.

Is it possible that if this GPU goes on the market it will leave a gap in the high-end NVIDIA graphics cards for gamers? Will the stock of the rest of the models go up? Or instead, is it unattractive for them to stop buying RTX GPUs?