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NOX Hummer Vault, rectangular ITX enclosure up to 7 fans

One of the problems with small boxes is their distribution, since many times we cannot install the components in the best way or there is not enough space. That is why NOX brings us this Hummer Vault, a micro-ATX tower that stands out for its great flexibility when configuring its interior components.

NOX Hummer Vault Specifications

Nox Hummer Vault
Guy ATX Microtower
Dimensions 185 x 303 x 391 mm
Materials SPCC 0.8 mm steel | Metal front and side panel
Tempered glass side panel
Front metal mesh & ABS plastic
Weight 5.2 Kg
Colour Black
Motherboard compatibility Micro ATX ITX
Heatsink compatibility 155 mm | 88mm (with vertical VGA installed)
Graphic compatibility 245mm (with vertical GPU and ATX source) | 335mm (with horizontal GPU and ATX)
Source compatibility Compatible standard ATX / SFX source (not included)
Cable management No
Front fans 2x 120mm (1x for ATX PSU) (not included)
Side fans No
Ceiling fans 2x 120mm (not included)
Rear fans 1x 80mm (not included)
Floor fans 2x 120mm (not included)
Dust filters Magnetic dust filter
Front radiators No
Side radiators 240/120 mm
Rear radiators No
Floor radiators 240/120 mm
5.25 “bays No
3.5 “bays 3
2.5 “bays 3
Expansion slots 4 horizontal and 2 vertical
Front I / O 2 x Hi-Speed ​​USB 3.0, HD Audio connection, microphone or headphone jack connections.

We are facing a box of the Micro-ATX type with dimensions 185mm wide, 303mm high, and 391mm deep. Its weight is 5.2 Kg and is designed to house plates not only of the type Micro-ATX but also Micro-ITX. It is built in 0.8 mm thick SPCC Steel and has side and front panels totally in metal, so we are facing a tower that does not use plastic in any of its parts.

The power supply that we can install is not only the classic ATX, but we have the option of installing a SFX with dimensions of 110 x 120 x 650 mmIn any case we can only install one type of power supply, but what really makes this box stand out is the ability to place some of the components vertically, since it has 2 expansion slots that allow us to place the graphics card vertically, apart from the horizontal expansion slots, which in this case are 4.

In the event that we want to install the vertical graphics card we have a space of 245 mm for this and if we want to install it horizontally the space is greater, since it allows us to install one with length up to 335 mm. It must be remembered that if we install the GPU vertically then the maximum height of the CPU heatsink cannot be greater than 88 mm, if instead we install it horizontally then the heatsink can reach a height of 155 mm.

Ventilation and cooling system

NOX Hummer Vault

The specifications of the NOX Hummer Vault vary if we want to install an air cooling system, since the distribution of the fans varies depending on whether we have installed an ATX power supply or one of the SFX type. Depending on what type of font we install we can install up to 7 fans.

In the case of front fans, we can install 2 of 120 mm if we have opted for an SFX source, but if we have done it with an ATX source then we can only install a 120mm fan, since the slot for the ATX power supply occupies the space of the second fan. As for the rest of the fans, there are no variations regarding whether we have installed one type of source or another. In the rear of the tower we can install a 80mm fan, 2 120mm on top from the box and others 2 of 120mm at the bottom.

NOX Hummer Vault

On the other hand, if what you want is to use a liquid cooling system we are also limited by the power supply, in this case the SFX supply is installed on the side and limits the length of the radiator to 120 mm, but if we use an ATX source then we can install a 240mm radiator. The other place where we can install a radiator is at the bottom or base of the tower where the radiator can be 120 or 240 mm.

Front panel, internal bays and price

NOX Hummer Vault

The NOX Hummer Vault has 6 expansion bays: 3 of them 3.5 inches for conventional hard drives and reader units in case you still need to use one, lthe other 3 are 2.5 inches and ideal for SSD and hard drives of that size. So the storage options when mounting a PC with the Nox Hummer Vault are not at all scarce.

As for its front panel, it has 2 USB 3.0 ports, a connection HD audio and the classics minijacks for microphone or headphones.

If you want to buy this impressive NOX Micro-ATX tower, you can do so now as it is available at the recommended retail price of € 62.90. Which translates into a product with an excellent value for money.