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Newskill Sylvanus Pro, 7.1 sound gaming headphones

Newskill has placed special emphasis on the software of these headphones, a software that allows you to customize all its parameters and that allow you to adapt the sound to the style of play of each user. Of course, the manufacturer has thought that after all the headphones are designed to be worn and that incorporating RGB lighting it would be absurd, so this model is dispensed with.

Newskill Sylvanus Pro, gaming headphones to wear all day

Today, gaming headphones are a tool that has become practically the same importance as the mouse or keyboard, and having a device that not only gives us great audio quality but also allows communication by voice and that their comfort allows us to use them during long gaming sessions is almost mandatory.

We are looking at headphones that are designed to be comfortable even during long gaming sessions, which is why Newskill has equipped them with interchangeable ear pads, improved ergonomic design and a removable microphone, characteristics that will allow us to forget that we are wearing the headphones. headphones and we can focus 100% on the game.

They incorporate cushions covered with high quality soft synthetic leather, as well as the headband, covered by the same material. Its design is closed circumaural, so it will not put any pressure on the ears and with its adaptable headband made of anodized aluminum structure, it will be very comfortable at all times. Its weight is 340 grams including the cable and its dimensions are 205 x 147 x 92 mm.

One of the highlights that Newskill has incorporated into these Sylvanus Pro is their virtual 7.1 surround sound, but the curiosity here is that they have a dual audio controller so their connection is double: both for USB as for 3.5 mm minijack. In the latter case, the ability to surround sound is lost and they become stereo headphones, but it makes them compatible with all consoles on the market, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even smartphones. Essentially, the Newskill Sylvanus Pro will work with virtually any audio source.

Continuing with its technical specifications, it is worth mentioning that the microphone is removable as we said before, but stands out for incorporating a pop filter internal to improve sound quality during game conversations. In addition, the rod is weak so we can adjust its position where it suits us best to obtain the best relationship between good sound quality and comfort when using it.

Price and availability

The new Newskill Sylvanus Pro headphones are now available, at the moment only in the brand online store but they will not take long to reach the rest of the usual stores where the brand sells, such as Amazon or PcComponentes. Its official launch price is 89.99 euros.