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new world record in Cinebench R23

We are not going to talk about the Zen 3 architecture today, we have already written articles detailing everything, but the fact that AMD achieved a 19% increase in the IPC and redesigned the cache is something that has brought great improvements to its Ryzen processors 5000, until placing them in gaming at the height of Intel, but at the same time it has managed to prevail in multi-core and logically, EPYC processors take that to its maximum expression.

AMD destroys Intel and Cinebench R23 at the same time

It has been in a video published by the AMD server engineer, Apostolos Kotsiolis, where we have been able to see what the best of Lisa Su can do for processors in this 2021.

What was shown is nothing less than a EPYC 7763, or what is equal, a CPU with nothing less than 64 cores and 128 threads that carries a whopping figure of 256MB of L3 and that it is capable of reaching up to 3.5 GHz for alone 280 watts of TDP. Perhaps the best is the price: 8000 dollars, especially considering what we are going to see now in Cinebench R23.

The data is so impressive that the second fastest processor is the Threadripper 3990X under LN2 with a clock rate of 5225 MHz and yet it lags far behind, which is so impressive that the only adjective that can be put to this EPYC is impressive.

EPYC 7763: 113631 points to get away from any existing CPU

Testing for Cinebench R23 was done on a Dell EMC server where its setup was fully stock and over the air, so the score is really incredible. To be specific, 113,631 points for the 105 170 points of the Threadripper with full overclock, or what is the same, 8% faster totally out of stock.

But as we have said, we are comparing a processor with LN2 and maximum overclock against one over the air and totally standard, so if with the Threadripper we equal the conditions we would speak of an impressive 52% more performance for the EPYC processor.

Therefore, it is expected that the next Threadripper CPUs will reach new speed limits for the same TDP, where they will also be compatible with the TRX40 platform, so owners of a compatible board can update their equipment with just a BIOS update.

For now, the potential of EPYC has put Intel light years away from what it can achieve with its Xeon processors, and not even Sapphire Rapids it seems that it will be able to compete to maintain its hegemony in CPUs.

For its part, the Threadripper 5000 CPUs are expected for August of this year, although it is something unconfirmed, the presentation is expected in just a couple of months.