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new compact case with tempered glass and RGB lighting

The Nfortec Antares is a mid-tower box, with quite contained dimensions, with a height of 468 mm, a width of 408 mm and a depth of 210 mm. These dimensions allow the installation of heatsinks by air up to 180mm height (much more than the usual 160 mm that they usually use), and graphics cards up to 350 mm. Of course, the case is built with steel that has a section of 0.9 mm, which is well above the average that is usually used in computer cases (this is usually 0.6 mm).

The Antares model from Nfortec has two USB 3.0 ports in its upper front, complemented by a 3.5 mm mini jack socket for headphones, and another one to connect a microphone to it.

The Nfortec Antares will have three fans inside

Nfortec did not want to spare any effort in the refrigeration of the components that are mounted inside the Antares, which is why the box has been equipped with two front fans 120 mm, plus a third fan, also 120 mm, located at the rear. It is, of course, a positive pressure box, which is the type of box that manufacturers are designing the most, lately. Of course, the rear fan has RGB lighting, like the front of the Antares, while the two front ones lack it.

The new Nfortec model also has space on its ceiling where up to two fans of up to 140 mm can be installed. Or, the radiator of a liquid refrigeration, up to 240 mm.

Regarding the space dedicated to storage, Nfortec has provided the Antares with two bays for storage units of 3.5 inch, and two others for units of 2.5 inch. However, the Antares completely dispenses with the 5.25-inch bay, as has become common among most computer case manufacturers.

The Nfortec Antares box is already on sale in the manufacturer’s own web store for 89.95 euros.