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Monoprice offers keyboards with Cherry MX Blue mechanisms for $ 58

As we have already told you on numerous occasions, the biggest disadvantage of the mechanical keyboards is undoubtedly its high manufacturing cost and, therefore, its high selling price. A company called Monoprice has made its appearance on the market to try to change this, and already offers keyboards with mechanisms Cherry MX Blue for only 58 dollars. For reference, the average price of a keyboard with these mechanisms is about $ 100.

Of course, these keyboards in everything that does not concern their Cherry MX Blue mechanisms are extremely basic, and in fact they do not even have multimedia keys. Of course they don’t have a USB hub, backlighting on the keys, aluminum parts or anything like that: they go with the basics.

These are the features offered by these Monoprice mechanical keyboards:

  • Cherry MX Blue mechanisms.
  • Gold-plated switches.
  • More than 50 million keystrokes per key.
  • Activation distance: 2mm. Maximum distance: 4mm.
  • Requires 50-60 grams of activation force.
  • Support 6-key Rollover (anti ghosting for 6 keys at the same time).

You can see the full features, photos, and even reserve your own keyboard on the Monoprice website.