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metal keyboard for gamers


Characteristics and technical specifications of the Trust ESCA keyboard

Kind Full keyboard
illumination RGB LED
Connection type USB
Anti-ghosting Not
Multimedia control Yes, 12 keys
Compatible OS Chrome Os, Mac OS X, Windows
Switch No, membrane.
Type of cable Normal
Cable length 180 cm
Width 465 mm
High 46 mm
Long 167 mm
Weight 646 g

The Trust ESCA keyboard is a new keyboard specially designed for gamers. This keyboard has membrane pushbuttons and one metallic surface thanks to which we will obtain excellent durability and resistance, even in the most intense gaming sessions. In the upper part, in addition, we will have a hole to place our smartphone, which will allow us to always have it at hand and, in addition, use it to have certain information always in view.

The keyboard has a gaming mode (as is obvious) to deactivate the Windows key when we are playing and thus avoid interruptions, and a system of LED lighting, which we can configure from the keyboard itself. It also has hotkeys to open Office and other programs with a simple shortcut.

The connection of this keyboard is through USB Cable, which is fixed and measures 1.8 meters. We should have no problem plugging it into any desktop configuration. Of course, it does not have a USB port on the keyboard itself.

The keyboard size is 465mm long, 167mm wide, and just 46mm high. Its weight is 668 grams.

External analysis

The Trust ESCA keyboard comes in a cardboard box, very well protected inside. The box has dark colors, similar to other keyboards from this manufacturer, being able to see a photo of the keyboard on the front, and on the back some of its main characteristics.

Inside we will find a simple manual in which we can see the main options to customize the operation of the keyboard. We can see, for example, how to activate the game mode of it, as well as how to configure the lighting and exchange the mapping of the keys with WSAD.

The keyboard, as we can see, has a complete layout, as well as a numeric keyboard. In addition, the metallic chassis of the same makes it seem a little bigger than other models.


At the top of the keyboard we will find the function keys, which we can alternate with the shortcuts to open Windows programs, as well as to control multimedia playback.

And in the center of the upper part we will find the support for the mobile. This support is covered in plastic (so as not to damage the phone) and allows us to insert it vertically to be able, for example, to check emails or social networks while using the computer.


The finishes of the metal part of the keyboard are like fins, thus achieving a different and unique design, something that we do not normally see on other keyboards.


The keys have a considerable height, similar to that of a mechanical keyboard, so that users who are used to them can use it without feeling uncomfortable.


The bottom of the keyboard is already much simpler. In it we will only find a sticker with the keyboard model, as well as the pins that will allow us to adjust the height of the keyboard. We will also find rubber parts that will help us prevent the keyboard from moving while we work with it.

The USB cable is a normal cable, finished in rubber.


Testing and performance

Compared to other models, which tend to be more collected, this keyboard from Trust is quite large. This is a full-size keyboard with a metal chassis that stands out on all 4 sides.

The keys use a hybrid mechanism between mechanical and membrane, that is, the keystrokes will be made with movement of the key, while the touch will be soft and silent, like that of any other membrane keyboard. If we are used to this type of keyboard, the accommodation curve will be zero. If we come from a mechanical keyboard, it may cost us a little more to adapt to it, although we will do it without problems.

This keyboard does not have any configuration software, so just by connecting it to the computer through the USB port we can start working with it. The few options that the keyboard has can be configured using keyboard shortcuts.

Lighting, for example. This keyboard has a rainbow LED effect, which we can adjust to our liking using different keys to change the brightness and refresh rate. And if we don’t like it, deactivate it. We can also activate or deactivate the game mode to block the Windows key.

The hotkeys that we can use to configure the keyboard are:

  • Bulb key: turn the lighting on and off.
  • Function – Pg up: increase the intensity of the illumination.
  • + Pg dn function: reduce the intensity of the illumination.
  • Fn + Bulb: change intensity.
  • + = Function: activate turbo mode.
  • + – function: deactivate turbo mode.
  • Fn + Win: enable or disable the Windows key.
  • Fn + W: swap arrows with WSAD.

The function key also serves to launch additional keyboard functions. For example, with the first F keys we can open the default Windows media player and control volume and playback. The last function keys allow us, for example, to open the mail or the file explorer.

But, without a doubt, one of the most characteristic aspects of this keyboard is its support for mobiles. Surely more than once, while we were playing, they have written us an email or WhatsApp, or we usually use some streaming tools (such as Twitch or Discord) that require the use of a mobile. The Trust ESCA allows us to place the phone vertically on top so that we can always have it in sight.

Conclusion and opinion of the ESCA Trust

Hybrid keyboards are making their way into the gaming market as cheap alternatives to mechanical keyboards that generally cost quite a bit of money. But Trust has also gone a step further by adding the metallic coating to this keyboard, creating, without a doubt, a very resistant peripheral capable of withstanding, without too much damage, our attacks of anger.

It is true that as a keyboard it does not have any feature or function that makes it stand out. This is a simple keyboard, with a full ISO distribution, with membrane buttons and very basic LED lighting that cannot be customized. But it stands out in other aspects, being a great option for those users who are looking for a robust and resistant keyboard, as well as for those who like to have their mobile always at hand.


The Trust ESCA is a keyboard that can be used both for writing and for working. But, given its size (and its weight, since it is not exactly light) it is not a keyboard designed to always carry with you. In addition, we would have liked the mobile holder to be a bit more tilted towards the back, since the phone is too vertical, and that can hinder your vision (or that of the screen, if we have it at a low height).

Finally, indicate that, although this keyboard is designed to be used on a Windows computer, we can use it without problems on other systems, such as macOS or Linux, since it does not depend on any driver to work. We can even connect it to a PS4 or an Xbox, although in this case we must make sure to use it with a compatible game (since most games are not).

For all this, we have decided to give the keyboard Trust ESCA our award of gold.