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Liquid-cooled PS5 mod: keeps 50ºC stable

Sony’s PS5 has proven to be, in the end, a great console and with excellent gaming performance even at high resolutions. However, it also has its downside and that is that the serial model gets quite hot and therefore also makes a lot of noise, to the point that it can be so annoying that it spoils the immersion experience in the game. This seems to be completely solved with the mod that we are going to show you next.

The mod of this PS5 is the dream of gamers

The launch of the Sony PS5 console, while a huge sales success, has not been without controversy. Its design has been widely criticized due to its similarity to modern routers, while it has also been criticized for its enormous size that it hardly fits in a domestic living room, particularly when compared to its main competitor, the Xbox Series X.

In addition to being more powerful, the Microsoft console has a more compact design thanks to a particularly efficient cooling architecture. Comparatively, the PS5 heats up much more and raises concerns about the durability of its hardware in the medium and long term, in addition to that as we have said before it is a rather noisy console.

A Vietnamese modder named Nhenhophach has seen this as an opportunity to tackle these problems and develop his own solution. Thus, it has created a completely bespoke solution that involves completely dismantling the original PS5, removing its components, creating custom and bespoke case parts, and developing a custom liquid cooling system for the PS5 – a task that is certainly not easy. at first sight.

The result is undeniably surprising and demonstrably improves console operating temperatures, further enhancing sustained gaming performance by completely avoiding the effect of Thermal Throttling (while this is only speculative, there is no “pull ” in the games).

PS5 temperature

Embedded in this article you have the first of four videos (in the description of the first you have the links to the other three) where we can see the entire process of creating this mod. In addition, it should be noted that the modder has said that he plans to start selling his design to the general public, although in this regard it is quite likely that Sony will intervene to try to prevent this from happening (it has already done so with at least one company that intended to sell custom housings to replace the white one that comes standard).

Could Sony get to market a PS5 with liquid cooling?

We definitely don’t think this is feasible. The design of the PS5 has been studied to be the best possible result between performance and manufacturing profitability, and has gone through dozens of stages of validation, testing and approval to reach the design that is currently sold, so we are talking about hundreds hours of work for a complete team of engineers (whether users like the design or not).

PS5 esports

Implementing a liquid cooling system on the PS5 and commercializing it would entail having to re-invest hundreds and hundreds of hours and manpower to carry it out, as well as having to modify the production chain again to introduce this new design. Obviously, this would also imply a substantial price increase in the console, and seeing what it takes for this, we would be talking about how easily its price would double so that it would cease to be an attractive commercial product for the average user.

Of course, this modder has shown that many integers can be gained by modifying the original design of the console but at the cost of investing a lot of time and money in the process, and as we said a moment ago in the original design Sony was looking for the best balance between performance and profitability, not just performance. Unfortunately, we will have to settle for what there is.