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Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20, gaming monitor with G-Sync Pro on sale

Specifically, today we are going to talk about the Lenogo Legion Y27gq-20, a gaming monitor that the manufacturer boasts that it has G-Sync Pro technology, although it is true that this does not exist (the suffix -pro is from the FreeSync technology of AMD and not NVIDIA), a marketing technique that we should not pay much attention to but that does not mean that the monitor has an exceptional performance in gaming.

Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20 monitor, with G-Sync «Pro»

This monitor has a diagonal of 68.6 centimeters (27 inches) with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) and extremely thin bezels on three sides (all but the bottom) for an excellent viewing experience.

As a good gaming-oriented monitor, equip a panel LED-TN which has a response time of only 1 ms so that our actions are reflected on the screen instantly, and this is enhanced by a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz which is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync adaptive refresh rate technology, which completely eliminates the stuttering and tearing effects that are so annoying in games.

The monitor has, in its lower area, an HDMI 1.4 video input and another DisplayPort 1.2, in addition to having audio output and three USB 3.0 ports to act as a USB hub. Its V-shaped base keeps the monitor always very stable and allows adjustment in height (up to 13 centimeters), inclination and rotation, so you can virtually place the screen in practically the position you want, including vertically. If you do not want to use its base, it has a VESA anchor that will allow you to hook it to a compatible support.

Lenovo Legion G-Sync monitor

According to Lenovo, this monitor has visual protection technologies (it does not say which but we understand that they will be the usual Flicker Free and Low Blue Light), and the screen has an 8-bit color depth with a coverage of the NTSC color space of 72 % typical on TN panels, so not very suitable for designers but good enough for enjoying games and multimedia content.

Offer price and availability

At this time, the Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20 monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync is on sale at Amazon Spain with a 30% discount, so its price is reduced by no less than 200 euros. As always, we warn you that the offer is limited and therefore when the stock runs out it will return to its usual price.

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