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Lenovo leaks the NVIDIA RTX 3070 SUPER, real or fake?

NVIDIA has an outlook ahead that can be very beneficial if the company and Samsung manage to overcome the problems they are facing. The shortage of GPUs, the increase in semiconductors and key components or the increase in shipping costs are many of the factors to take into account, so therefore it is possible that the delay of its new range of GPUs is justified, but, Will they be Ti models or a complete SUPER range?

NVIDIA RTX 3070 SUPER, the definitive assault on the AMD RX 6800?

AMD has the ability to place its products right in the gap that NVIDIA leaves between its own, where there is typically 15% between the lower and higher model on average. The RX 6800 is a perfect example of this, currently being in the middle of the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080, with a price adjusted to its performance and above all, with much more VRAM than its two rivals.

Something similar happens with the RX 6900 XT, so NVIDIA has no choice but to opt for two solutions: adjust prices down to unseat its rival … Or launch a new range of GPUs that compete with it and earn more money at the cost of steal quota from AMD.

According to Lenovo filters, the option chosen would be the second, since for the first time we can see in an official announcement (or at least it seems it) the RTX 3070 SUPER label on what would be its Legion T550i equipment, is this real or a product from photoshop?

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The truth is that there are many different models of the Legion T550i around the world, since some are offered with an i7 and others with an i5, others with a GTX 1660 SUPER and others with an RTX 2060.

In any case, we could not find a Lenovo website where this RTX 3070 SUPER appeared, but the most curious thing is that on the official website only the RTX SUPER range is named as GPU, but no specific model is mentioned, since the user and the assembler agree to buy according to their use needs.


On the other hand, on its website in Japanese we have been able to find more specific information, but the RTX 3070 SUPER is not listed, although the RTX 3070 and the RTX 2070 SUPER as such are. Therefore the doubts remain in the air, is it a badly launched infographic on the market? or instead, does the SUPER series arrive to compete with AMD?

We are not sure since it has always been said that NVIDIA would react quickly to the launch of the RX 6700 as such, where AMD postponed them and possibly NVIDIA intends to do something similar with its direct rival through the SUPER series. In any case we will be attentive to inform you about this matter.