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Leaked ASUS and IKEA gaming furniture: chairs, tables and more

Knowing how we already know IKEA in our country, and knowing the quality of ASUS products, we cannot expect anything other than a gaming theme with ROG design and prices that are not very affordable for most users, but will both brands surprise us? What do you have prepared?

ASUS and IKEA: a complete line of furniture and even gaming accessories

Undoubtedly, both brands are going to put all the meat on the grill to achieve success in a market that is increasingly collapsed by models from big brands. First we have the table UPSSPEL, of course with design and gaming inspiration, which will have an electronically adjustable height, ASUS ROG logos everywhere, red LED lighting (we do not understand why it has not been designed with RGB lighting and Aura Sync) and of course, an exorbitant price of 3999 yuan, which is equivalent to the exchange rate in dollars 617 and in euros it will be practically for 600.

The table has a rear cable management, as it has been designed with an internal bevel so that it does not hit against the wall, so that any cable can be passed from the bottom to the top with comfort.

Behind the table, IKEA has designed a small cabinet with wheels and two drawers, perfect to support any component on top and to store our peripherals, as well as to hang our helmets thanks to a totally standard support.

Shelves, LED lights for YouTubers, headphone and mouse mounts


The filtering does not end here, since we will have a mobile support with LED light, perfect to record ourselves in our videos and be able to stream without problems. They also present a mouse support, where the cable will be guided through several hooks, so that it does not get in the way when playing.

The headphone holder follows the aesthetics of the mouse holder, sober, efficient and not very flashy, yes. As if this was not enough, there is also a line of special cushions for gamers, both neck and lumbar, with various functionalities for each and perfect to increase ergonomics.

And finally, we will have a ROG cup holder, a bin of the same theme and a matching mat, the latter apparently in various sizes and shapes, since it will not only be for the table, but also for our floor and gaming chair.


As reported on Weibo, tomorrow the 29th they will be presented at IKEA, but in China, so there is no date of arrival in the European or North American market yet, so we will have to wait for it, since a global launch is not expected as such.

Likewise, the prices they launch will be indicative to get an idea of ​​the cost in our borders, but seeing what the table is worth … They don’t seem cheap.