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Krom Kaiyu, 65g RGB lightweight gaming mouse and PixArt PWM 3327 sensor

The weight of the mouse, despite the fact that we are talking about a device that usually barely exceeds 100 grams, can become a determining factor when it comes to games in which maximum precision and above all speed are required. The weight of the mouse generates some inertia, especially when very fast and aggressive movements are made with the device, which is why especially shooter game players prefer mice that are lighter the better in order to avoid this inertia.

Krom Kaiyu, your lightest mouse at only 65 grams

With a name reminiscent of the Pacific Rim films, the manufacturer Krom has presented its new mouse with the lightest design they have been able to build; For this, they have eliminated all the unnecessary parts of the mouse and have made use of lighter materials if possible, reducing the weight to the maximum and leaving it at only 65 grams to reduce those inertia in the movements of which we were talking.

Thus, the design of the Krom Kaiyu shows the entire surface of the palm in the form of a symmetrical but irregular grid, a grid that reveals the RGB lighting configurable that houses inside and that gives the device a striking and aggressive appearance. In fact, Krom has taken this “thinning” of the mouse to the extreme and even in the area of ​​the buttons, at the bottom and on the sides we find these holes that allow us to see what the mouse has inside and that, gram by gram , have managed to significantly reduce their weight.

Despite this, Krom has not spared any efforts to ensure that this gaming mouse provides the best performance in games, and proof of this is that they have used the new sensor PixArt PWM 3327 that guarantees maximum precision and that allows to modify the sensitivity in values ​​that go from 800 to 12,000 DPI. In fact, the mouse has a dedicated button at the top that will allow you to change between the six sensitivity profiles that it is capable of storing.

Krom Kaiyu design

Of course, the mouse is completely configurable and its six buttons can be configured, as well as its six sensitivity levels and RGB lighting thanks to its intuitive configuration software that is also capable of storing various profiles in memory.

Price and availability

The new mouse Krom Kaiyu is already listed in the manufacturer’s online store at a sale price of 29.90 euros, but it still does not have availability and as the manufacturer has said in the press release he has sent us, it will not be available until the end of this month of July. When the stock reaches the stores, we can buy it not only in the Krom online store but also in the usual network of stores where the manufacturer usually sells its products, such as VS Gamers or Amazon.