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kills TBWs in just a few days

Mining the new Chia cryptocurrency is being one of the great attractions of the moment, especially in Asian countries. This crypto has the particularity that it is not mined using the power of the GPU but rather the storage device is used, where obviously the faster the better performance is obtained. This has already caused a shortage of SSDs and hard drives in Asia, but now other symptoms of their use are beginning to be seen: the durability of SSDs is depleted in just a few days.

The first SSD killed when mining Chia after only 40 days

In addition to requiring large-capacity storage devices, Chia mining requires high-throughput storage devices in order for the ‘mining’ (or cultivation, as they say) performance to be productive. The problem is that Chia mining also requires a huge amount of data writing, something that quickly consumes the TBWs of the SSDs as we already noticed a few days ago.

As we have anticipated at the beginning, the first consequences of Chia agriculture are already beginning to be seen: after only 40 days mining, the first 512 GB capacity SSD has already activated its read-only protection mode, or in other words, it has bypassed the protection mechanism so as not to lose data when it has reached its write limit. They have not specified that the SSD was or how many TBW it had from the factory, but of course that this happens after only 40 days of mining is a very worrying situation.

As a general rule, a 512 GB SSD aimed at the consumer market has enough durability to live for 8-10 years without any problem when given normal use. However, the intensive use to which they are subjected when mining Chia causes writing and erasing operations to be performed at a constant rate for 24 hours, consuming this durability too quickly and causing the early death of the devices. Recall that some manufacturers have already announced that if the SSD is used to mine cryptocurrencies, this will void your warranty.

Chia’s profitability questioned

There are many manufacturers that are now launching SSDs specifically designed for Chia mining, with overwhelming amounts of TBW like the TeamGroup one that they announced yesterday, with 12 TB and 12,000 TBW of durability but at a really high price. The fact that mining Chia so quickly consumes the durability of SSDs calls into question the profitability of this cryptocurrency, since although the initial investment is usually less than mining Ethereum or other cryptos that are mined with the GPU, yes hardware breaks down so quickly it will force miners to replace devices every so often.


At the same time, this will lead to a further shortage of components because miners will have to buy many more devices than initially believed, and if stock is already starting to be a problem in the Asian market this will surely cause things to fall apart. get even worse.

The fact is that the price of Chia is climbing almost wildly as we indicated at the beginning, but the fact that the hardware dies so quickly can cause a great loss of interest in it and its price to plummet. Time will tell, but the data is there, and if the first SSD has died after only 40 days of mining it will not take long to start seeing many more similar situations.