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Keys and Double-Shot keycaps, the best for gaming keyboards

Since the first mechanical keyboards and the eternal debate of whether to use a membrane keyboard or of this type to play, in parallel and almost in unison, another equally interesting debate was generated, that of the gaming keys of each keyboard model. And there are several types of them, but in recent times one is imposing itself on the rest by different arguments, so we are going to introduce ourselves a little into this world to understand the peculiarities of the Double-Shot keys.

Double-shot or double-shot keycaps: the holy grail of gaming?

Based on the fact that although we are talking about Double-Shot keys, we must pay attention to the fact that their color influences things such as the reflection of the light from the keyboard’s LED diode, the screen printing or simply the roughness.

For this reason and in general terms when we refer to this type of keys we must think of the typical matte black color. With this in mind we can say that Double-Shot keys are a type of Keycap that, unlike common printing techniques, this type of key is produced by molding two layers of plastic together.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the color and if it has transparent parts as such, since in the molding of the first layer the typography of each key will be made, that is, the letter, symbol or what the manufacturer stipulates, of This way it will be molded using one type of material or another depending on whether you want to achieve a solid or transparent finish.

Two different injections, better precision and durability


Once having the molding of the silkscreen, the second mold is achieved by means of the injection, normally, of PBT as the main and most expensive material. This mold will be the shell or body of the key, finally joining the first layer and leaving a spectacular finishing key.

Hence the name that this type of Keycap receives, where what the manufacturer seeks is to provide a very high readability, but above all, an unprecedented durability and competition. Typically light colored keys are better for readability versus black, mainly because of the difference in contrast.


Needless to say, the Double-Shot keys can also be found made of other materials such as ABS. This also influences the definition and clarity with which we see the keys, so those that are made with higher quality also include a laser engraving technology. This is possible because as we have explained, the silkscreen goes through the entire depth of the key with the first of the materials.

Or what is the same, in a Double-Shot key we will not have the typical wear effect of screen printing with rubbing or the passage of time. Of course, do not confuse the fact that the screen printing lasts much longer with the fact that the key loses its matte black and becomes shiny, since they are two different materials.


If this happens, it is because the key is made with a second material equal or similar to ABS, which is why PBT or POM keys are so highly valued, since although they are more complicated to manufacture, they do not have this problem as a general rule.