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Intel vs TSMC, semiconductor leadership and revenue

TSMC from its famous 20 nm has stepped on the accelerator at a rate that no one in the industry could think more than 10 years ago. Published its earnings for this first quarter of 2021, the Taiwanese giant has increased its profits by 19.4% And it has been done with a higher quota than at the moment, it is only known that it exceeds half the world quota. It is followed by Intel, which although it has higher percentages in many other aspects such as IT, it is estimated that if it follows the current pace, TSMC is the dominant force.

Not even Samsung dominated so much, TSMC will be the giant where everyone is reflected

Intel has been in general terms as a chip and semiconductor manufacturer the undisputed leader for decades, but from the East the Korean Samsung and the Taiwanese TSMC have been pushing little by little with good market strategies.

The problem is that the paradigm is changing and now the dominant position is based on annual revenue and not on quota of semiconductors sold, so the positions are reeling. In the last 28 years and following the old criteria, Intel has been the world dominator with an iron fist. Samsung has only been able to reign for a couple of months between 2017 and 2018 due to the disproportionate increase in RAM prices.

But that is about to change and as a result of the latest estimates from investors, TSMC will take control and dominant position before 2024.

After 30 years, Intel will give up the crown … If its strategy does not remedy it

Intel TSMC

Investors’ forecasts reveal that TSMC will exceed 941 billion dollars in annual revenue in 2024, so it would be the last year that it would be in the shadow of the blue giant and would begin to reign alone.

But, because there is always a “but,” Intel’s new strategy with Pat gelsinger you can keep everything as it is. Opening your fabs to third-party orders through your lithographic process as a foundry and not as a developer, adapting your design tools for your lithographic processes to the industry and getting each designed chip customized to your taste can make a difference.

It will be rare to see Intel as a foundry open to both third-party chip design and manufacturing. An NVIDIA GPU made by Intel at its nanometers would be a sight to see. In any case, TSMC has the inertia of the market and it will not be easy for Intel to start recovering share to increase profits.

Currently after the announcement of Gelsinger, it has gone to the automotive industry to, as NVIDIA has done with Xavier, equip the new cars of the future with its new Xe GPUs. So Intel is opening the mind, almost more because of TSMC’s obligation than because they want to reveal certain technical aspects of their technology. We will see in 3 or 4 years where each one is.