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Intel Tiger Lake i7-11390H, i7-11320H, i7-1195G7 and i5-1165G7

The reason why Intel would be preparing higher speed versions of its Tiger Lake, would not only be a response to the AMD Ryzen 5000U and 5000H, but also due to the fact that the 10 nm SuperFin node has had improvements in its performance. And we cannot forget that in a few months Intel will launch its cores with Alder Lake architecture, both on desktops and laptops, so that node is still in the process of improvement.

New Intel Tiger Lake-H: i7-11390H and i7-11320H

At last CES, Intel introduced a new variant of its Tiger Lake architecture mobile CPUs and SoCs, the Tiger Lake-H. This new variant is intended for high-performance laptops. Specifically, it did so with two new variants called H35 and H45, where the number indicates the amount of watts consumed by the processor.

The H45 variant comes to compete against the AMD Ryzen 5000H SoCs, which are designed for the same consumption. While the 35W model brings with it a new form factor for high performance, with computers a little thinner and lighter than the 45W models. At the moment, AMD has not announced any models in response to Intel’s H35s.

Intel Tiger Lake i7-11390H, i7-11320H, i7-1195G7 and i5-1165G7

Currently the Tiger Lake-H35 range is made up of these three processors: Core i7-11375H Special Edition, Core i7-11370H and the Core i5-11300H. The latest information suggests that two new CPUs will join the H35 range: the Core i7-11390H and the Core i5-11320H. The source of the existence of these processors is NotebookCheck, who have seen these two new processors added to their database.

The Intel Core i7-11390H is an improvement of the i7-11370 in 300 MHz as far as its Turbo speed is concerned, going from 4.3 GHZ to 4.6 GHz, if we talk about the base clock speed the difference is 100 MHz and therefore of 3.4 GHz. As for the i5-11320H we are facing an improved version of the i5-11300H where the Boost speed has risen from 4 GHz to 4.3 GHz and the base speed is now 3.2 GHz.

Intel Core i7-1195G7 and i5-1165G7

Intel 1195G7

Intel not only intends to launch new models of its Tiger Lake-H, but also to renew the Tiger Lake UP3. We know this thanks to the monomo insider, who has found a benchmark made by PugetSystems to a for now unpublished Intel Core i7-1195G7, but about which we do not know all the complete information, so we expect new data in the following days or weeks.

The base clock speed of the Core-i7-1195G7 is based on the 2.9 GHz benchmark, and it is possible that its maximum clock speed in turbo mode could be 4.8 GHz. Everything indicates that it could be an improvement in both speeds of i7-1185G7 watch. So, like the new Tiger Lake-H models, we would be facing higher-speed variants of cores already launched on the market.

Intel i7-1155G7

The other processor that will be added to Intel’s Tiger Lake UDP3 family is the i7-1155G7, which unlike the other three that we have discussed in this article is not an improved version of a previous model, but would be below the i7-1165G. We have been able to know its existence thanks to the specifications of a Lenovo Yoga that integrates this new CPU.