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Intel Tiger Lake-H Processors for Laptops, Core i5, i7 and i9

The 11th generation of Intel Core processors is finally beginning to arrive, and with it comes many new features in terms of architecture but also in terms of performance and versatility, because we must remember that the company has already confirmed that Tiger Lake-H will feature with processors up to 16 threads and support for PCIe 4.0 with 20 lanes, enabling next-generation GPUs and ultra-fast SSD storage for the first time in notebook computers.

Tiger Lake-H notebook processors, listed at last

Intel Tiger Lake-H35 processors are competitive in single threaded applications, but due to their limited number of cores they are no match for those AMD Zen 3 chips with 8 cores (which have been widely available for a long time and even in combination with RTX 30 Series, all be said), which far exceed them. According to Intel, the H35 series is not expected to compete in the high-end gaming market but in a new market segment that “allows” gaming on the laptop.

Laptop manufacturers that launched the first Comet Lake-H computers with RTX 30 Series may soon face a problem and that is that there is almost nothing left for the launch of the next generation of notebooks. Tiger Lake-H which is unofficially known as H45. Unlike H35, they will offer up to 8 cores and 16 processing threads, as many as Comet Lake-H, and in fact this is considered to be the true successor to Comet Lake because in this case they would be oriented to high-end gaming laptops. .

The launch of this new series of processors would force laptop manufacturers to decide whether they want to continue offering their models with a 10th generation processor that they just introduced very recently or if they intend to switch to the latest technology available with the 11th generation of Intel processors. Core to offer the best performance. The most realistic seems to wait to be able to make profitable the notebooks already manufactured, and this could suppose some notable price reductions to be able to get rid of the stock, something that obviously would benefit us users a lot.

Meanwhile, some retailers have already included the first 11th-generation processor notebooks in their catalogs, in this case under the embrace of the Legion family of manufacturer Lenovo. The Legion 5 and Legion 7 will therefore be the first computers with an Intel Tiger Lake-H45 laptop, and in fact they can already be reserved in some North American stores. The listings may have been published automatically from a product listing provided by the distributors, but the fact is that they are already here.

Tiger Lake H prices

This list confirms CPUs like the Core i9-11900HK, the flagship processor of the generation that will be offered in combination with an RTX 3080 nothing more and nothing less. The laptop, a Lenovo Legion 7, will also include a 16-inch QHD (1440p) display, 1 TB of SSD storage and 32 GB of RAM. Of course, from now on we tell you that its price will be much higher than what appears above, it is impossible for such a laptop to be sold for $ 856.

11th Gen Intel Notebook CPU Specifications

As an addition, we leave you a list of the specifications that are known so far, but keep in mind that they are rumors and are not confirmed.

Processor Cores / Threads Base frequency Turbo frequency TDP
ProcessorCore i9-11980HK Cores / Threads8/16 Base frequency2.6 GHz Turbo frequency5 GHz TDP45W +
ProcessorCore i9-11900H Cores / Threads8/16 Base frequency2.5 GHz Turbo frequency4.9 GHz TDP45W
ProcessorCore i7-11800H Cores / Threads8/16 Base frequency2.4 GHz Turbo frequency4.6 GHz TDP45W
ProcessorCore i5-11400H Cores / Threads6/12 Base frequency2.7 GHz Turbo frequency4.5 GHz TDP45W
ProcessorCore i7-11375H Cores / Threads4/8 Base frequency3.3 GHz Turbo frequency5 GHz TDP35W
ProcessorCore i7-11370H Cores / Threads4/8 Base frequency3.3 GHz Turbo frequency4.8 GHz TDP35W
ProcessorCore i5-11300H Cores / Threads4/8 Base frequency3.1 GHz Turbo frequency4.4 GHz TDP35W