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Intel Alder Lake-S, release date of its CPUs leaked

One of the things that should never be done is to underestimate Intel, it has the ability to make spectacular returns and its failures are rather its own than the merits of its rivals, and that without detracting from them, but to Intel what is Intel and its Recent slump has been more Intel’s fault than AMD’s achievements.

Intel accelerates the launch of its Gen 12

Intel’s strategy is very clear, to catch an AMD by surprise that is currently immersed in the final part of the development of its Zen 4-based CPUs. So Intel has decided to put its machinery to the maximum to have its CPUs. Alder Lake-S for much earlier than anticipated.

Although Rocket Lake-S is an excellent CPU, it is not good enough for Intel to wipe out AMD and regain market share, especially in the enthusiast market where AMD’s slight CPU superiority coupled with poorer CPU specs. consumption give an advantage to the AMD CPU.

Although not in all ranges, since there are price ranges where Intel has better processors than AMD, as is the case of the Intel Core i5-11400F, which is for now the best CPU for less than 200 euros in the market. Despite this, Intel is not satisfied with Rocket Lake-S and that is why its successor will be released much earlier than expected on the market.

Alder Lake-S release date? End of the year

Intel Alder Lake-S

Intel has not confirmed this, but rumors about Alder Lake-S being released later this year had long been echoing around various online gossip and rumor sites. Intel itself made a declaration of intent when it presented a PC with an Alder Lake-S prototype at CES.

Latest rumors claim that the Intel Alder Lake-S release date is November 2021. The information would come from the manufacturers of heatsinks for the CPUs, which have had to create new designs for the rectangular shape of these CPUs, which will make use of Intel’s own LGA1700 socket.

From what little we know about Alder Lake-S, it is a CPU designed for the transition from DDR4 to DDR5 memory, integrating interfaces and controllers for both types of memory, but the use of one or the other will depend on the board. At the moment we know that the Z690 will support DDR5, but we do not know which boards will support each memory time.

Two generations sharing space in the market

Intel Core Processor

The release date of Alder Lake-S makes it very clear to us what the situation is. Since Rocket Lake-S is not only the latest CPU under LGA1200 but also under 14nm node and Intel is finally moving production all its GPUs to 10nm SuperFin. So it is clear that Rocket Lake-S is not in production at the moment and in the following months we will see a transition in terms of CPUs and Intel chipsets.

We don’t think Alder Lake for notebooks will come out this year, but we wonder what will happen in the desktop market with Gen 11 and Gen 12 sharing market space. The logical thing is to think that Alder Lake-S will not be released in large quantities to the public, but for the most enthusiastic market.

The reason we think this is because the sales volume is in the notebook CPUs, where the Tiger Lake-H competes for wafers for the Alder Lake-S. In addition, Intel has to make sure that the entire stock of Rocket Lake-S has an outlet. So we hope that Alder Lake-S when it is launched in November will do so as a product for the most enthusiastic.