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Intel Alder Lake-P, consumption, PL1 and PL2 of these laptop CPUs

Although we know the launch date of the Alder Lake-S for desktop, at the end of this year, that of the Alder Lake-P we do not know completely and this family of processors could be presented and launched in the first half of 2022.

Alder Lake for Laptops

What differentiates the Alder Lake architecture from the rest of Intel’s previous architectures, with the exception of LakeField, is the fact that it will combine two types of cores. On the one hand the Golden Cove high performance cores and on the other the Gracemont low consumption. Being the first direct successors of the current Cypress Cove and Willow Cove. While the latter are of the Intel Atom type.

Well, we have been able to know the PL values ​​or “Power Levels” of Alder Lake-P. These values ​​are the consumption values ​​in terms of TDP that the new CPU for laptops will consume and this is important since this marks the form factor and therefore the type of existing laptop. What are those values? Each of these processors have two PL values, the first of which refers to energy consumption in normal mode and the second in turbo mode. That is, when the CPU increases its clock speed momentarily and with it the energy consumption.

Variants of Alder Lake-P and their consumptions

Alder Lake-P Consumption

Regarding the energy consumption of the Intel Alder Lake-P we have three different variants, which correspond to the three types of laptops that exist today, the second variant being the one that they have released with Tiger Lake-H.

  • The first variant is called Alder Lake-U, which as you may have guessed is the one that is aimed at ultra-thin laptops with an energy consumption of 15 W, a value that is that of its PL1, but which can reach up to 55 W in mode. Turbo and therefore PL2.
  • The second of the variants, which is also called Alder Lake-U, will have a TDP of 28 W, l, for the CPU in PL1 mode, which replaces the current 35 W variant of Tiger Lake-H. In PL2 mode? Consumption rises to 64 W.
  • The third and last of the variants corresponds to the already classic 45 W consumption, this variant will be called Alder Lake-H and while its PL1 will be of that figure, its PL2 will rise to 115 W consumption.

The high consumptions in PL2 mode have not been explained yet, but they seem excessively high for a portable CPU, especially in the ultra-thin models. But we do not know what the conditions of the PL2 mode are and therefore how the consumption in Alder Lake-P works for now, so we will have to wait for new data.