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Intel Alder Lake-P, 10nm Gaming Laptop CPUs with DDR5

In the middle of its Computex conference, Intel has shown its next-generation Alder Lake CPU for the first time, but this time running on a laptop. Proving that its development and future launch is going from strength to strength for Intel. When will we see the first laptops with the new processor?

Intel shows the first laptop with Alder Lake

In the same way that Intel showed a desktop PC with an Alder Lake-S CPU inside at CES, now it is the turn of the version for laptops, but this time at his Computex conference. Which shows that the CPU is already finished for mass production.

Which should not surprise us after the leaks in recent days where the laptop version of Alder Lake had already appeared in the odd recent benchmark. The laptop model shown? It is not of any particular brand and Intel often creates reference models internally so that different laptop manufacturers know how to build their laptops for proper operation with the new processor.

Intel Alder Lake-P laptop

The general specifications of the so-called Alder Lake-P is that they will be based on three different ranges. The first with a TDP of 15 W, the second with a TDP of 28 W and the third with a TDP of 45 W. The first two will be called Alder Lake-U, while the more powerful version Alder Lake-H.

While at the portable level Alder Lake will be the second architecture built under the node of Intel 10nm SuperFin, on desktop it will be the first time that a CPU will come out with that node. Being the specifications in Alder Lake-P the same as Alder Lake-S, since the architecture will be based, as we already know, on the use of two types of cores of different power and consumption: Golden Cove and Gracemont for a total of up to 16 cores. Instead of just one as has happened so far with the Intel Core.

Which Alder Lake-P form factor has Intel introduced?


Taking into account that Intel is going to bet on three different form factors for laptops, something that we have already seen with Tiger Lake-H, the question that comes to mind is: which of the form factors has Intel presented? Since with it We will be able to know what types of notebook Intel is going to launch for the first time based on Alder Lake-P, since they will be the first that Intel deploys in the market.

We do not know the release date with which Intel will release the new CPUs for laptops, at the moment we know that Alder Lake-S, the desktop version comes out later this year. With the demonstration of this laptop Intel shows us that Alder Lake could reach notebook PCs sooner than expected. Are we facing a simultaneous launch to desktop models? Who knows, what we do know is that Intel is betting very strongly on Alder Lake as its spearhead against AMD, not only against Zen 3, but also against Zen 4.