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hundreds of discounted games

Valve is quite inclined to carry out promotional periods on its Steam gaming platform, the most used on PC, so the spring, summer, autumn and winter sales are already common. In this case, the company has decided to start a new campaign that is based on Japanese games, and with the huge industry in the Japanese country this means that we have real great games at scandal prices.

The best sales in Steam Golden Week

During this week, all the games of the Square Enix Final Fantasy franchise are on sale with a 50% discount, so we can find the mythical Final Fantasy VII for just € 6.49 or the last Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition for € 17.49 among many other titles in the franchise.

In this Golden Week of Steam we also find other titles more than interesting, such as the NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition at 50% For just 19.99 euros, an impressive game in all aspects for which you will not need a next-generation gaming PC to enjoy it to the fullest (it requires only a Core i5-4670, a GTX 980 / Radeon R9 380X and 8 GB of RAM to enjoy it to the fullest) or the fabulous Code Vein with a 67% discount (€ 16.49).

We can also find other triple A games on offer during this Steam Golden Week, such as the Death Stranding with a 60% discount (€ 23.99), Dragon Ball Fighter Z with nothing less than an 85% discount (€ 8.99) or the latter Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot with a 60% discount (€ 23.99).

Death Stranding PC

There are literally hundreds of games that we can find on sale this week, and in addition to those that we have already listed above, we highlight the following:

As you can see, there are many games that have great discounts, which in some cases reach 85% but most of them are at least 50% (there are some that have “only” a 33% discount but still suppose quite an interesting offer). We recommend you access your Steam account and take a deep look so that you do not miss the best offers, since although in this article we have put the ones that we consider the best, obviously we have not been able to put them all since there are literally hundreds ( furthermore, our opinion of “the best” may not be the same as yours).

In any case, remember that these offers are active from today and will last only until next May 6, so be sure to take a look not to miss this excellent opportunity to acquire original games that will be yours forever (or until Valve decides to shut down Steam) at fairly cheap prices.