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How to configure custom profiles for NVIDIA WhisperMode

When we talk about laptops, there must be a balance between performance, temperature and noise. We all know that the higher the temperature the fans rotate faster and thus generate more noise, and if we want the equipment to be not so noisy we must limit its performance so that it does not get so hot and thus the fans do not have to work as much. NVIDIA’s WhisperMode helps us with this, but it has the disadvantage that, sometimes, these performance cuts mean that the game experience is not as good as it would be desirable, but fortunately we can create profiles for each individual game and we are going to tell what you must do to achieve it.

How does NVIDIA WhisperMode work?

In order to minimize the noise emitted by the fans of gaming laptops, the objective is to reduce the operating temperature and for this, as we have said before, what WhisperMode does is limit performance.

To achieve this, what WhisperMode does is precisely create profiles for each game, intelligently selecting the graphics settings of the game, reducing those that have the greatest impact on performance and limiting the FPS rate. In other words, this mode seeks an optimal performance configuration for each game through which we can have a defined and stable FPS rate without losing graphic quality but seeking to reduce the impact on the GPU load so that it can work at a lower temperature and, therefore, emitting less noise.

To do this, NVIDIA has predefined the WhisperMode profiles within its GeForce Experience software; The company has already measured the consumption of each of its GPUs in various scenarios with different graphic loads according to the settings of each game, so they have a complete database that dictates which are the optimal settings so as not to reduce (too much) the graphics quality and lower GPU load based on internal testing.

The problem with this is that perhaps the optimal settings that NVIDIA considers are not as optimal for according to which user or according to which game, so it is important to be able to customize these settings manually if you want, and for this there are the profiles that you we are going to teach how to configure. For example, in the slide above (from NVIDIA itself) we can see that they consider The Witcher 3 to perform optimally at 40 FPS, but that frame rate may be insufficient for many users who prefer to sacrifice a bit of silence in pursuit. to achieve a better FPS rate so that everything looks smoother or avoid tearing and stuttering.

Previous requirements

This technology has been designed only for laptops (so it is not available on desktop PCs) with a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card, so of course you will need to have a gaming laptop with an NVIDIA GPU to use it. Besides that, you need to have GeForce Experience installed in its latest version. In order to configure the custom WhisperMode profiles, obviously you must also have the option activated, so we are going to start by briefly explaining how to do it.

You must open GeForce Experience, and click on the cogwheel icon that is located in the upper right area of ​​the screen.


Now, in the right area you must click on the «Games» or «Games» menu, and on the right side you will see the Whispermode option, which you will have to enable by clicking on the «switch».


Now a message will appear in the middle of the screen confirming that the mode is already activated, and it will give us the option to automatically optimize all the games that the software has detected by simply clicking on the Optimize button.


If you click on this button, all the graphics settings of your games will be automatically optimized for the NVIDIA default WhisperMode profile, and this is necessary if you later want to adjust the profiles by hand.

How to set up custom profiles for WhisperMode

Once WhisperMode is activated, you have two ways or rather two levels of customization of the profile of each game. The first of them can be found in the GeForce Experience itself, because in the games section you can select game by game and click on the wrench located at the bottom right.

Optimize GeForce Experioence games

A new window will appear with a slider and the setting that NVIDIA considers optimal. Here you can move the slider to the left (more performance losing quality) or to the right (better quality losing performance) according to your preferences.

GeForce Experience gaming settings

Once you press apply, you will see that the recommended settings that we saw in the previous phase have changed, and you will have to click on the Optimize button again for the changes to take effect. This is a good way to optimize the game to your liking according to your preferences and needs, but as we have said before it is not the only one.

WhisperMode also limits the FPS as we have mentioned before, and more than the graphic settings this can be a determining point when it comes to enjoying a good gaming experience. If you want to also touch the FPS parameter, you will have to do it from the NVIDIA Control Panel and not from GeForce Experience, so open it and access the “Control 3D settings on the left” menu.

NVIDIA 3D Settings

Then, as shown in the sketch above, you must click on the “Program settings” tab and then, in the drop-down menu below, you must select the game whose profile you want to configure. Once the game is selected, go to the bottom where you will see the WhisperMode section, where you can select the FPS to which you want each specific game to be limited.

Configure whispermode profiles

You will have to configure this game by game, thus creating custom WhisperMode profiles for each of them.