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how it works and user manual

It would be an almost unreal utopia that when we suffer a problem or bug in the PC, be it hardware or software, we could inform the person responsible for it directly so that they can find a solution directly and solve it. The reality is not so fast or direct, but with this software AMD makes a very interesting approach whose objective is to make things easier for both users and their development team.

We recently saw an example, with the USB 3.0 ports of the AMD 500 Series chipset boards that suffered intermittent disconnections and the manufacturer asked on its official Reddit that affected users send them reports with the problem to be able to locate it. Had this tool been at hand, everything would have been much faster and more direct.

What is the AMD Bug Reporting Tool?

The idea of ​​this AMD software is that when you find a problem or “bug” on your PC, you can send all the necessary information directly to the AMD development team so that they can try to solve it as soon as possible; Whether it’s a hardware or software problem, your engineering team can quickly locate the root cause of the problem and address it as quickly as possible, deploying a solution in the next software or firmware update.

AMD Bug Report Tool is therefore a utility designed to allow users of AMD hardware and applications to report bugs directly to the manufacturer. When submitting a bug report, the tool automatically captures the necessary hardware and software configuration details of the system, eliminating the need for the user to fill in any data (but beware because you are sending relatively private information to AMD) .

The tool also offers the ability to attach additional files, such as screenshots and images, so that they can help AMD better understand the reported issue and thus more efficiently investigate it.

AMD Bug Report Tool is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit systems that have an AMD Ryzen processor or equipped with an AMD Radeon graphics (that is, it does not work if your PC has an Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU, but it does if the processor is Intel and AMD graphics or processor is AMD and NVIDIA graphics). You must bear in mind, and AMD warns you, that they will only review reports that are sent from the latest version of the application, that is, you must bear in mind that you must keep it updated in order for it to work properly.

How to submit your bugs directly to AMD

AMD Bug Report Tool comes bundled with Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 2020 drivers from version 20.7.1 and later. You can access the tool both from the “bug” icon located at the top right of the application screen and from the system menu.

AMD Bug Report Tool

If in your case you do not have this software installed because you do not want to or because you do not have an AMD GPU, you can also download and install a separate version that is available at AMD website.

Once you launch the application, you will see a window with a series of options that you must select according to the problem you have. Initially you will have to select which is the affected product (GPU from AMD or Radeon Software, AMD Ryzen Master, AMD Link or related to the Chipset), the application or game in which you have problems, the symptoms you have (all these are drop-down menus to select) and then a description and explanation of the problem indicating the steps you took to make it reproduce.

AMD Bug Report Tool

For example, imagine that your problem is that when you try to open a game, it closes itself and gives you an error. What you should mark here is AMD Graphics / Radeon Software, then select the game, in symptoms select “Crash / Hang / Blue Screen / Black Screen / Green Screen”, in description you could put “Game crashes after launch” and in the steps to reproduce the problem, simply “Game crashes right after entering on it”, for example. If you attach a screenshot of the error you receive, even better.

Below you also have the option to indicate how many watts is your power supply, if you want to add images or other attachments, and if you want to enter your email address to receive answers to the problem (all this is optional).

After filling in all this information, you just have to click on the Send Report button and that’s it, it will be sent automatically to AMD and they can get to work to try to locate what is causing the problem and develop a solution.