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High-end RAM memory Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB on sale

The Dominator Platinum memory family has always been the top of the Corsair range, and a few years ago they decided to launch the RGB model that stands out above any other manufacturer thanks to its system of Capellix LED lighting, thus combining not only the best performance and stability, but also the best lighting that we can find in some RAM memories.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB, with Capellix LED

The main feature of this model is the exclusive use of Capellix LED lighting, with LEDs that are much smaller than normal (they go from 2.8 mm2 to just 0.2 mm2) to have a greater definition of effects and color. . To achieve this, Corsair has eliminated the diode layer itself by making the substrate layer in direct contact with the PCB, so that 60% maximum brightness is gained, consumption is reduced by 40% and it is achieved 35% longer life than a normal LED. As you can see, all are advantages.

As for the Dominator Platinum RGB memory kit that we have today on offer, it is the matte black model (remember that there is another model in glossy white but that one is not on sale now), in a capacity of 2 × 8 GB (16 GB in total) at a DDR4-3200 MHz speed and CL16 latencies optimized for both Intel and AMD systems (they obviously incorporate XMP 2.0 profile).

Of course, from these RAM memories we can not only expect a great base performance but also a great Overclocking capacity, since its custom 10-layer PCB gives it great stability, coupled with its excellent heat sinks that keep the chips always at good temperatures. In addition to that, we have the aforementioned Capellix LEDs that give these RAMs one of the best lighting systems in RAM memory that exist, of course configurable in terms of colors and effects individually through the well-known Corsair iCUE software.

Price and availability of the offer

As we said before, the offer kit is the black DDR4 3200 MHz in two modules of 8 GB each, and we can find it in several stores at the same price with a 17% discount in total.

Keep in mind that it is the first time that they are at such a low price and that this offer will have limited units, so when the stock runs out they will return to their usual price, so it is a good opportunity to buy high-end RAM if it is what you were looking for.

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